The Twilight Saga

                        starts when bella gets back from Italy in New Moon. This is a team story. I'm mixing up Eclipse with this too, so feel free to do so. please send me ur post.





                                                               Chapter1:Apologize/ Fresh Start



    Edward and i were driving down the street when he stopped the car abruptly and the tires screeched.i saw Jacob standing in the middle of the street.I guess he didn't care if he got run-over.Well, if i were him, i would've done the same thing after everything i put him through. i felt horrible. I mean, what kind of friend uses another just so they can go and save their beloved. Apparently, i was that kind of friend.Does jake know that i love him? Does he know i'm sorry? for hurting him.if i asked him, would he drop everything and run away with me? if i asked him could he love me, would he say yes? would he say better than Edward? did i make the right decision? choosing Edward. he said he would never leave me again,but should i listen to him or jake? i love edward, but i think i love jake more. not think, i know i love jake's so easy being with natural. easy as breathing.Jake says i shouldn't trust edward.does jake know something i don't know? is edward trying to use me to get rid of jake,or is he going to say that he loves me only to leave me again in a few months? if that happens, i know jake will put me back together again. if it should happen again, i will finally try to move on. to love jake. to love him right. love him the way he's supossed to be loved. with all my heart. and never look back. and to be happy.


   "Bella," edward asked snapping me out of my thoughts."He wants to talk to you."

   "Bella, i was afraid he wouldn't let you come," jake said.

   "What do you want,jake?" i asked.

   "I want you to chose me instead of wouldn't have to change for me.i love you." he said.

    i had heard him say yes to that nagging question i've been asking myslef for months.i stood there thinking of something to say to him hoping i wouldn't hurt him again.


   "Bella,come." edward interrupted.

   "You don't speak for her." jake shot back.


     he  aprroached jake and flipped him. jake phased on the fly.jake stood ready to kill.when he saw my face, he stopped dead in his tracks. as much as he wanted to kill edward ,he knew if he did,that it would also kill me. not physically, but mentally and emotionally.he knew i'd never be able to forgive him. as for edward,he didn't care if he hurt me or not,he lunged for jake. and jake let him.was he really going to sit there and let himself get hurt or killed just so he wouldn't hurt me? edward wrapped his arms around jake and i heard bones crunch jake let out a blood- curling howl.i hoped the pack heard it.jake laid on the ground in agony.

"Jake!!!!" i screamed.

the pack came in time to see lying on the ground withering in pain.the pack was so distracted that Victoria came running at vampire speed and she bit me.i screamed in pain as the venom was spreading.i feel beside jake and somehow he miracously had the strength to suck the venom out.


"Sam, call carlisle.i don't know how much more of this jake can take.hurry." i said hoarsely. "I hate you edward cullen." with that he left.


i suddenly felt dizzy. it semmed like the world was spinning.then everything went black.


"Bella.Bella." i woke up to see sam sitting at the foot of the bed with a worried-look in his eyes.

"Sam,where's jake?"

"Follow me." he said.


we walked to my truck,and i got the keys out of my pocket,started the ignition,and we drove to jake's house in slience.i had hoped that charlie wasn't looking for speeding drivers.when we got there we were greeted by the pack.i could hear jake screaming bloody-murder in the background.

"Doc's re-breaking his bones." embry said shakily and i knew that even though he wouldn't admitt it he was crying.

that sound sent chills up my spine and i secretly hoped that i'd never hear it again.i know that nobody would ever admitt it to my face,but i knew it was all my fault.after all,i was with jake when it happened. i had insisted that i needed to talk to him. edward was my boyfriend. my sadistic, vampire boyfriend.


then carlisle came out out of jake's small house.

"I've given him some morphine, but his body temperature will burn it off. i'll come back later to set up a drip."

"thank you." billy said,shaking his hand.

then carlisle turned to me and said, "He's asking for you."

i ran in the house like lightning.i got to jake's room and i saw how the right side of his body was wrapped up in casts.he was sweating.

"Hey, jake."


i walked into his room and sat down in the chair beside his bed.

"I was worried about you."he said.

"You were worried about me? i was worried about you.i'm so sorry jake. i'm such a jerk. if it wasn't for me you wouldn't be hurt.i love you jake."

""What about edward?"

"i'm going to break up with him as soon as i can."

"bells,i wish you'd consider me when choosing a new boyfriend."

now jake was crying. i don't know if iit was from the pain or what, but all i know is that it killed me to see him cry.

"that's why i'm leaving edward. i picked you. i realized i was lying to myself."

"bells, when i get better i promise we'll be togheter forever."

"jake, what if you imprint?"

he took his left arm and turned my face toward him.

"bells, i promise that no matter what happens, even if i imprint, that i would chosse you."

sam cam in the door. "jacob,i think you just imprinted on bella."







that's all i got so far.

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WOW i think its kinda straight forward but i like it. Like straigt forward like Victoria just randomly picks this time to bite bella and random like Sam walking in and saying that Jake just imprinted on Bella. WOW

well, i felt that eclipse was all about being rushed so i went with that.i'm gald u like it.hey btw its a team story you can write some if you want but please send it to me so i can make sure it'll flow. i've some secerts up my sleeve. hold on to the edge of ur seat.


:D I will see what i can think up

thanks. me and u r the leader of this story.


It was great!

       chapter 1 continued.



      "Sam, i didn't imprint on bella. your such a goof-ball." jake said.

       "should i come back?"i asked.

       "Could you come back tomorrow? you should go home and get some rest,bella, you look exhausted."

        "Of course, i'll be back.take care of yourself jake." i said.


i got back to my truck and drove home. i walked up the front steps and went inside to find charlie asleep on the couch.i went upstairs and got ready for bed.i walked in the bathroom to brush my teeth.when i came back, edward was sitting on my bed.


"hello, love" he said.

"hi." i said kissing him.

i got under the covers and laid my head on his chest.


i woke up with sunlight pouring in my room. it reminded me of jake. warm. special. important.








that's all for tonight. i'll update tomorrow morning i promise.


 i looked at my clock. it was 6:30 . i had to get ready for school. edward had already left.i went in the bathroom and took a shower. then, i brushed my teeth,dried and brushed my hair, and went to change. i was wearing a red blouse with black skinny jeans and sneakers.i went downstairs to find that Charlie had already left. i got out a bowl,cereal,milk, and a spoon. i finished my cereal, grabbed my jacket off the coat rack, grabbed my keys,and picked up my backpack. i  went out the front door which i locked behind me,got in my truck, started the igniton, and drove to school. i was thinking about what to say to edward. he wouldn't take the break-up lightly.well, i didn't have to break-up with him instantly. i could wait.


"hey,bella" anglea said as i pulled up in the parking lot at forks high school.

anglea was the only person ,besides jake,to be there for me when they left. the reason i liked anglea was: she didn't ask alot of questions.

"Hey,what've you been up to?" i asked her.

"Oh, nothing.just getting ready for graduation. i have all these invites to send to all the parents of all the seniors."

"Would you like me to help you?" i asked.


"okay,how about i come to your house tomorrow after school and we can work on them."


"Sure.i'll see you tomorrow."


the first bell rang, signialing the start of first period.i had english first. the rest of the day seemed to drag on forever,but maybe i was just anxious to see jake. finally, the 7th period bell rang,. i grabbed my stuff, ran to my truck, being careful not to kill myself,i drove home. when i got home  i wrote a note to charlie .



   i'm going to Jake's house.





i went outside, jumped in my truck and drove to La Push. i stopped at the pizza place in la push,and i decided to suprise Billy, and Jake with pizza.


i got to Jake's 5 minutes later, and i knocked on the door.Billy answered.


"Hey,bella,didn't expect to see you here."

"Well, jake invited me. is that okay?" i asked.

"of course, it's okay.well, what do we have here?" he said eyeing the pizza.

"well, i thought i would bring over a get-well present for can have some too of course."

"jakes in his room. just knock."



i knocked.i heard,"come in."

"hey,Jake.i got you a get-well present."

"Wow! a whole pizza. i feel special." he said.

i laughed.i sat down in the beside his bed. i opened the boz of pizza, grabbed a slice and started feeding him. it was  kind of funny actually.






Feeding jacob thats gonna take forever considering he'lll eat all by himself LOL
Awesome keep going

I like it.

wow really good


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