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what do you guys think who is a better friend for Jacob?I personally think that Leah is better then Bella.

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TRUE leah does know what its like being a werewolf but so does jacob
Personally, I think Bella is a better friend ( and if she wasn't already with edward, she would make an awesome girlfriend for him)
i know right thats what ive been trying to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i think lea is much better to be friends with jake, but not on a romantic way. just having someone who knows how you feel and think is really the good thing between them..
jake wants to be used by bell ecause he was blindedly inlove with her thats the tragedy behind the lovestory of a one sided love,... (at first)
Leah would be a better friend for Jacob because she's honest, loyal and up front. She does not BS Jacob. The boundaries between Jacob and Bella were very blurred so a friendship would be difficult to maintain because of the romantic feelings involved.
i agree wit Vanessa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i agree wit inas
Leah would be a better friend but bella would be better for a relaationship with jake. the romantic feeling would get in the way if edward never came back and they would have ended up in a relationship anyway. but leah would be a better friend because she can relate to jacob a lot with being a werewolf and all but she is too mean and totally still has feelings for sam that she just can't get over.
well you guys are writing that leah is so mean and all and i agree that she is mean but don't you see that she can't get over sam because she can't get away from him. she can totally know what sams feelings are towards her and knowing that is really very painful for her cause she and sam were together for quite some time.when she was away from sam she started to change Jacob sensed that there is a change in leah. she started to change in a positive way when she was away from sam. iam just trying to tell the story from her perspective that she had a good enough reason to be mean to everybody. thanks for commenting everybody =)


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