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what do you guys think who is a better friend for Jacob?I personally think that Leah is better then Bella.

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no Leah is fill with anger because of he lot and hate everyone and everything, but Bella get Jacob 100percent, even if she can't give him what he really wants. Leah just choose Jacob because she couldn't stand to hear Sam's thoughts him and Emily all the time. She didn't wanted to be pity and thats why she choose Jacob and also because her bother Seth left first. Bell knew every thing of Jacob, his love for her, but she couldn't return it. it was beyond her control. u have to be fair towards Bella.too
yes, i agree. but remember, Bella fell in love with Edward first. Its very hard after that to fall in love again with some one else, even if that person is better for you. if u fell in love with some one like Bella did with Edward, will u not give up life itself to be with that person if that is what it takes. really think about it in Bella's point of view.
i think leah is because she knows wat its like to be a wolf and they could probably be better friends with jacob
leah is a better friend 4 jake.
no bella and leah have way less in common than bella and jake
i agree wit jacobs girl
Leah. She needs someone and sometimes I feel like Bella used Jacob :/
well i think Bella is kinda selfish cause she totally used Jacob when Edward left her and then didn't cared about him much when Edward came back.At least Leah stood up for Jacob and told Bella that she is hurting him. thanks for commenting everybody =)
Well thats sooooo true, Leah did Jacob well for defensing him. I'm glad she did it cause someone had to put Bella 2 timing ass in her place. Both Jacob and Edward keep fulling her head saying that its not her fault for this or that when in reality she's the blame of everything! I salute you Leah! ---the only one who put Bella in her place!
i agree wit johhan
i also agree with sumbal
i know they would of mabe a great couple


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