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is taylor lautner and the rest of the cast going to bart of midnight sun when its turend to a movie

after i heard that ms.meyer is going to soon finsh midnight sun (edwards point of view of the story) as a book that means it will be turnd into a movie in the end so i thought to my self r they going to use taylor lautner and the rest of the cast . well i think as for taylor he is going to be cast caus he is still is ypyng he is only 20 but rob?? now thats a question je is 26 well they still cast him or will he be to old what do u guys think aboot this

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I hope they bring the cast back.It would not be the same without them.I could not see anyone else playing them.Tracy

Midnight sun is not a complete different story itself. It's just the Twilight series in Edwards Point of view, right? They've already made a movie from twilight, so why would they do it again? Different points of views, are mostly just for book purposes, cause they don't make a whole movie JUST from one persons point of view, like in Twilight, it showed Victoria and her coven killing that boat dude, Bella wasn't there, so that didn't happen in her point of view. i highly doubt they'll make a movie of it, but if they do for some reason, they needa hurry up cause the cast is getting old!


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