The Twilight Saga

The day i encounter a guy like Jacob is the day i meet the perfect guy.

Jacob Black = PERFECT <3

Do any of you agree? Please leave a comment

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Well, as a guy (straight :D) I have to admit that he is somehow a bit perfect. But in a fun way. Edward is just too perfect in q sick way!!! Jacob Black, the name itself is already great, is ripped, muscular, tanned, a bit of a bad boy, funny, loving, caring,... You know: I could go on and on and on over Jacob´s good characteristics (Hope I spelled that right).
agreed. Edward is just too perfect.sort of too good to be true, even for a fictional character

true... i love jake


YESSSSS. Edward is too perfect. He gets in the way. 

And for god's sake even CHARLIE likes Jacob better! Jake and Bella have this bond that Edward would never be a part of. 

You are so right! That´s exactly how I think...

tear..! XD


Jacob Black is the PERFECT guy anyone could ever have!!!! "Bad to the bone" but sensitive too!!!
yes he is perfect XD too bad renesme got him grrrr
I <3 Jacob.
Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to agree, Edward is just yo perfect like we all have said  in scary way. Jacob Black after new moon has set the tone of a fine young man with a dark side we never know what he is going to do next. Love it Jacob Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I soo agree!!  I have loved all the fanfics stories about Bella & Jacob being a couple!   "Course, being ble to picture Taylor Lautner as Jacob doesn't hurt, either!!
that is sooo true, Edward is just too perfect,and that annoys me how SM made him so perfect(or at least thats wat bella think of him) but jacob is sooo sweet funny, and who wouldnt love a big fluffy wolf? jacob is AMAZING! :P Jacob Black ,mixed with Taylor Lautner is the bestest guy i the world


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