The Twilight Saga

                                                 Jacob's P.O.V. Chapter 1

I tried not to make a sound, slowly I grabbed my gift and gentely wispered in her ear "Happy Birthday". Shocked she sprang up and hit my hand while yelling "WHAT, WHAT HAPPENED". The little cupcake with a little red heart candle flew in the air, and with suprise it had landed right in her hands. She looked at it with awe and said with a heart felt voice "Babe it's beautiful, I love it, thank you". We quickly hugged, "this is only part of my gift" I said, "meet me at the hangout in about two hours". "Why?" she said with a qeustioning end, "so we can be alone for a while" I said answering her question.


 " But what about the pack and emilly" she aid with a worried tone, "there's a meeting tonight, but my dad said that I could skip it, nothing important" I said leaning my head to the left a little. Suddenly both of our stomachs growled and we both chuckled "ok meet you there but first let's get some breakfast". We quickly got dressed and raced down the stairsand for our suprise we found bella at the end of the stairs. " Becareful you guys we don't want you to trip, not that it would hurt you guys or anything". " First" nessie yelled proudly, "you beat me again" I said kissing her gentely on the lips. Little did we know that emmet was right behind us trying to hold back his loud laugh.


 After that was over nessie started to make the ommlette for the both of us to share, I took one bite and looked behind me to see rosalie starring at me, and when I looked back three fourths of the omlette was already gone. Nessie hand her hand over mouth when she burped and her face was red like a tomatoe. "Wow, you're going to get an apetite like me now". We both laughed histaricly, and I quickly kissed her on the cheek , "ok two hours" she said with a big smile while I was leaving out the door. I quickly darted out the door and ran towards the hangout, when I finally got there I yelled with excitement "SHE'S GOING TO BE HERE ON TWO HOURS HURRY!!!".We all started sweeping cleaning so we can hang up the decorations and get the place ready for when nessie came.


Finally the two hour's were up and I could hear her foot steps comming to the house. "She's here turn off the lights and hide", I wispered as she started to open th door. When she turned on the lights we all yelled "SUPRISE!!!"    

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hope you guys like this I know that it's kinda short but it's my first time writing a story please comment back

It was really good, tell me when you write more! :) :)
I'll write more tomorrow when I can
woww, this is really good. i like itt. please post more soon!
REAL GOOD!!! keep writing XD i would luv 2 read more
This is good... keep writting
This is Really Good. I Hope You Do Write More.. :)
I WANT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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