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Jacob Rules! srry i just wanted to say that but what do u like most about jacob Black?Dislike?

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hey y'all
well, i love jacob because he didnt leave bella, he built her back up and helped her through her depression.
he's the greatest friend, i wish i had a best guy friend like that :)

I love his humour. I love his protectiveness. I really want a best guy friend like him.
i love the way that he took care of bella when edward left, and his humor kept me laughing. but what i really hate is that he is too persistant. if a guy acted like that to me [kissing me cause he felt that way] and he knew that i was in a commited releationship, he would have gotten his nuts kicked in.

but i am totally team switzerland.

there are a lot of likes and dislikes between the two guys. lol
well,, i think he is just down right HOTT! expesially when he gets his hair cut short..DANGG! thats the kinda man i like, lol jkk! but he really is hott and very sweet to bella and they have known each other for a long time so I think them too are just too close as friends to be anything more. But Edward he is just the caring, romantic kinda guy I like!! he is so sweet to Bella...till he LEAVES her ughh!!! that made me MAD. lol, but if edward looked like jacob but acted the same and so romantic then i would so wanna date him.
Jacob's fun. Even when we went wolf he still had some times to have fun and joke around. And even when he goes serious he's so... mysterious. I don't know any other way to say it. I love how protective he is, even with something that he can't have. Jacob just gives me the butterflies in my tummy every time! AND He's gorgeous! What more do you need?
soo true.
I absolutly love jacob Bella should be with him I like edward but i like jacob wait love jacob a hole lot more!!! :)
I love jacob because he is soooo sweet . He can be a great friend and he is so fun and funny totally love him he also is so honest and human that you can't help falling for him
i loved jacob for his personality,very honest, gorgeous,strong,i thought he was smart,love a man thats good with his hands.and sensitive too

dislikes: the way he was after bella and always gave into her.
i like jacob black bcuz of how nice of a friend he is and how he didnt give up on bella.


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