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When I first started reading twilight, before new moon, eclipse and breaking dawn, I saw Jacob as this fun loving person. He seemed so sweet to me, I wanted the story to go on about him. Then i started reading new moon. This hatred for bella stared stirring up in me. Edward no longer seemed to be the perfect guy. To me then Jacob was. It made me so angry how all Bella saw was edward. It was as if she had the ability to recover, but she just wouldnt let herself. the more i go into the book i felt as if Jacob was the Perfect friend. I found myself wishing that he was my friend. at that point all i could think was screw edward. I started realizing that i was kindof falling for him. I couldnt belive myself, I was falling in love with a Character, the most amazing character. i cried when he was in pain, and i laughed when he was happy. I hated bella everytime she rejected him. When I started reding eclipse, i wanted to jump in the book and slaughter both edward and bella. If it was me edward was trying to stop from seeing jacob i would have screamed " He's My Best Friend, You Will not Try To Stop me" I was angry and upset. The hole the was in bellas heart when edward was gone was there for me when i wasnt reading the books. Even when i was reading them the whole only dissapeared when Jacob Was in the part i was reading. These uncalled for emotions were so unexpected. i still feel the same amount of emotion and love for Jacob black. I cried soo hard when he was in pain, and was joyful when he was happy. Bella only made me hate her more. I'm not TEAM JACOB because of the preson who plays him in the movie, but because i stongly do feel for him. Taylor Lautner my all time celebrity Crush, but my love for Jacob Black isnt going any where, There arent word to explain it. <3 Jacob Black <3

If i had to choose between Werewolf and Vampire, i would choose werewolf. my reasons are-
1. Werewolfs could protect me, they wouldnt let anything ever touch me ( especially Jacob )
2. Im the type of person who hates cold and gets cold really easily ( i sometimes wear a jacket in the summer ) i would really need the heat
3. Above all they are still human
4. Their feeling are so pure and honest
5. I want to be with someone who doesnt have urge to drink me blood every second im with him.
6. Werewolfs have more of a life.

Why i would choose Jacob over Edward anyday -
1. Jacob has a sense of humor, jaughing comes so naturally to him
2. He can crack a joke to make you feel good
3.His warmth is amazing, just being around him, his vibe would send off such a amazing warmth
4. his sensitivity
5. His care, he cared so much about bellla living, he was willing to give up anything

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I noticed that when i was reading Breaking Dawn that i was so much happier when i was reading jacobs part, Mainly because i'd gotten so tired of how stupidly depressed bella was getting it was nice to laugh and be happy with jacob. Jacob had so much more of a life than edward, he had a sense of humor. it made me feel good inside, it was as if i was escaping bellas negitivity
I'm right there with you. I'm insanely in love with Jacob. I HATE Bella for what she did. Unlike The Bloodsucker, Jacob is real, as real as a character could get. If it wasn't for the Cullen's coming to town, and vampires didn't exist, Jacob and Bella would end up together. They still could have if Bella hadn't have jumped off that stupid cliff. And if she still did, they still could be together if Edward hadn't have come back.
Read my alternate ending to New Moon. It changes everything. I know you'll like it. Or better yet, you'll love it.
I know what you mean.
i know it hurt really bad to read about jacob in such pain but jake is like my older brother i love him but not like that and i am team jacob beacoase of the jacob in the book not taylor lautner )hes my celebrity crush too) i sort of hated bella too but i still love her too i couldnt hate something thatjacob loves (well used to) but she tries to be a good person and thats what i like about her even though she acts like she doesnt matter. and it made me mad too when edward wouldnt let her go see jake i was so mad at edward i had to syop reading for a couple minutes
I'm right there with you, Jakesspaceheater.


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