The Twilight Saga

who among you loves the character of jacob??
and who among you just loves his body???

i'll vote for taylor!!!

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I love both!! With Jacobs character and Taylors looks you have the perfect package!!!
Now I've just got to find him in real life lol x
hoffe das gleiche, : oNow hoffe ich habe ihn im wirklichen Leben zu finden,
i don't know i mean Taylor has a perfect body but Jacob is the best wolf I've ever know so bot of them r wonderful
both are amazing. jacob has a great personality...always so happy and laid back but still determined and persistent. taylor is hot so he brings even more to the character.
i love jacob black..he can make bella happy at all times no wonder even though she loves edward she cant just let him go so easily...i hope i can have a bestfriend like him...
jacob. lautner did a grat job in personifying the character
That is how I feel as well. I think that Taylor does the best job of bringing the BOOK character to life.


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