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Okay I think I've posted this before but I'm not sure on what group. Quite frankly I don't think I'll EVER find it since most of them are gone now but anyway this is my topic: How is it possible for Jacob to imprint on Nessie?



Accorinding to the books, NOT my opinion, when a werewolf imprints on a subject, person, human/vampire it's because he has the greatest chance of creating a "puppy." I'm not sure how high his chances are of creating a "puppy" with a hybrid like Nessie. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think his chances are VERY slim. I know if there's another book (*sigh*) Meyer will find a way to make it logical that their together (idk how! but it will happen). What's your opinion? Have a theory on how its possible? Comment ^_^

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Haha. You have your opinion, I have MINE :)

Excuse me for not taking notes on the dang vampire covens from AROUND THE WORLD!!! I just blocked out all of that. I knew they wouldn't be in the story for long. BTW: Nahuel still doesn't ring a bell. Sorry.


What does the number of genes have anything to do with this? I'm sorry but when I date a guy its not because of the number of genes. And I know I'm not trying to make a "puppy" but then it's not really love. Not at all.


The hybrid thing idk how THAT will work out. It's a rule. Vampires and werewolves hate each other. Everything in their system tells them to. How it's possible for a vampire/werewolf hybrid to exist shall be beyond me.

Haha. Your right, it IS a book. It's up to the reader if he/she wants to further dwell into the reasons behind it all. Perhaps thats why there are science teachers who want to know WHY stuff happens, instead of saying JUST BECAUSE. THAT'S HOW THINGS ARE.

i believe the chromosome theory, it makes sense i mean they both cary 24 pairs , and even tho many people find it creppy that jacob imprinted on a baby i'm sure  everyone has read enough on the subject 2 understand it isnt a sexual relationship until they both are in the stage that it's appropriate. I see no problem with is since this is a fictional book about mythical creatures


p.s nahuel was a pretty big part in breaking seeing as he saved nessie's life XD

I understand the chromosome thing but how can that truly matter? The number of chromosomes? I've taken Biology, I knew what it is. I don't understand why its such a big deal. I know they have the same number of chromosomes...and?


I know, I read the book. But still. It's rather disturbing because EVENTUALLY he'll see her as more. Already at that age he'd be willing to give up his life for her. That doesn't come by unless you really love that person. And with love comes...other things.


Is Nahuel the half-human/half-vampire like Nessie? That fellow has a strange name.

And I've only read Breaking Dawn once, just to see how it ended. I will not be reading it a second time. That's why I can't remember ALL the charcters in that book.
Nahuel is half human half vamp like Nessie
Yeah, I got that.
oh okay i was answering ur previous question ^

I had a feeling this Nahuel (can't even pronounce his name..) was the dude that somehow saved Nessie and all the other vamps/werewolves.


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