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Okay I think I've posted this before but I'm not sure on what group. Quite frankly I don't think I'll EVER find it since most of them are gone now but anyway this is my topic: How is it possible for Jacob to imprint on Nessie?



Accorinding to the books, NOT my opinion, when a werewolf imprints on a subject, person, human/vampire it's because he has the greatest chance of creating a "puppy." I'm not sure how high his chances are of creating a "puppy" with a hybrid like Nessie. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think his chances are VERY slim. I know if there's another book (*sigh*) Meyer will find a way to make it logical that their together (idk how! but it will happen). What's your opinion? Have a theory on how its possible? Comment ^_^

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Well...even according to the book the "puppy" thing is just a theory. no one is really certain as to why the wolves imprint-whether to create stronger wolves or to find their true soul mate. yeah, but i hate the fact that jake had to imprint on nessie and no matter the logic behind it, i find it so...disturbing. i mean he is like seventeen years older to her!!!!! that is just sick! jake should be with bella or leah

Well if the author even included it in the first place, the theory, it was for a reason or she'd put EVERY theory but she focused solely on that one. Just like how she explained Edward/Alice/Jasper's powers.

And amen sista! LOL. No matter what Stephenie says I find it rather gross...I SERIOUSLY thought Jacob was going to have a thing with Leah. I felt the connection! But OUT OF NOWHERE the Nessie thing came out. I was like WHAT?!!! But whatever...

Remeber. he can't control on who he imprints. It's an involuntary thing. Remeber, he never wanted to imprint because he was in love with bella. Then he can't be with bella because she chose edward, he can't be with leah because he doesn't see her that way. He didn't ask to imprint on renesmee. so stop looking at it like that. Remeber it starts a platonic relationship, then as she gets older the relationship changes. Plus he doesn't age as long as he phases into wolf form. So please, don't see jacob as a pervert. As for the next book goes, I hope there's another one.
Omg I didn't say he had a choice, that's why it's called imprinting not "falling in love." And I don't look at Jake as a pervert. It's his relationship with Nessie that I find rather disturbing.
I HATE THE IMPRINT OF JACOB! It just ruined him to me! Renesmee is okay, but Jacob shouldn't have imprinted. Then could Jacob still have a chance with Bella. Although Bella is married, she could still divorce and things like that. You see, I'm not Team Edward! Not at all!
Haha. I don't like Bella AT ALL. I'm like Team Anti-Bella. REALLY. I think he deserved someone BETTER, way better, than Bella. I just wanted him to get over her and move on! It was so freakin obvious she would ALWAYS and FOREVER chose Edward, the walking disco ball, over him. Always. But apparently Jake can't get the picture because if he did he would have had a life and not trailing after her like a lost puppy. *Takes a deep breath* I just needed to let that out.

Well, I like her for a bit... But I can relate to it. I´m Team Anti-Edward. Jacob DID deserve better, that´s true. But I can´t help it to feel soft for Jacob and Bella couple. I just love those two together. I can´t conceal it. I would collect everything that has to do with Jacob and Bella. And probably some things from Edward too so I could burn it or something like that... :D

Sorry, my fantasy drifted away...

BTW: walking disco ball! LMAO with that...

Haha. I don't like her!!! She made me HATE her. I hate a fictional That's...awesome.  
Haha. I just don't really like her. At all. LOL. I can't help it!! The way she acts towards Jacob drives me completely insane. I HATED the part in BD when she told him she was gonna mack it with Edward a-sap and Jake got pissed (obviously) and then she like "Butt out, Jake. It's none of your business." OH EM GEE. I NEARLY TORE THE BOOK IN HALF. I was tempted to start a bonfire with that book. No joke >:(

you should make a group anti bella i would toatly join!


With all the shortage on groups, I don't think it would get accepted.


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