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Okay I think I've posted this before but I'm not sure on what group. Quite frankly I don't think I'll EVER find it since most of them are gone now but anyway this is my topic: How is it possible for Jacob to imprint on Nessie?



Accorinding to the books, NOT my opinion, when a werewolf imprints on a subject, person, human/vampire it's because he has the greatest chance of creating a "puppy." I'm not sure how high his chances are of creating a "puppy" with a hybrid like Nessie. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think his chances are VERY slim. I know if there's another book (*sigh*) Meyer will find a way to make it logical that their together (idk how! but it will happen). What's your opinion? Have a theory on how its possible? Comment ^_^

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the book explained this, Jacob said they imprinted to get the strongest wolf offspring to continue the line. Nahuel said his sisters were not venomous nor could they bear children, so I want to know why he imprinted on Nessie when she should be barren. Edward said Nessie was special so there could be another book? maybe?
they both had 24 pairs of chromosones so maybe that is the difference, opposed to Bella's 23 and Edward's 25 pairs.  Stephenie thought of everything!!!

Who on earth is Nahuel?! And what does the chromosomes have anything to do with this? To be honest, I hate Biology. Parden me if I get lost once you go from a one-digit number of chromosomes to a two-digit.


And if this Nahuel-of-which-you-speak-of said that I don't see how it's possible that Nessie has a kid. If she does it will be a *dum, dum, DUM*


Weremanpire!!! LOL.

ROFLMAF!!!!!!!!  weremanpire id like to see fan art of that lol..!°

Haha. Its true. That's what their child would be. Don't know how the werewolf gene would get passed on after dat!



If there is another book I won't read it. Just as soon as I watch BD I'm done with Twilight. It's kinda annoying now.

maybe but ill still read it it XD

Okey dokey.

Now where's the fun in that??

true on that.......


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