The Twilight Saga

We've been friends for so long

Since you came here as a kid

How many times we saw the sunset

Enjoying the moment, just laughing.

But then all has changed

Your heart is given to him

Who's being alone repulses me

Who wants to steal you away.

If you'd only know, dear Bella

How my arms ache for you

How I wish to embrace you always

How my lips long for your touch.

Then, perhaps, you'd see me differently

And spend your life at my side

Nothing would ever hurt you, promise,

I would protect you, shield your heart.

Still, I must bide my time

And earn your love first of all

Until your eyes are turned to me

Until with me you fall in love...

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aww. thanks!!! im honored by your words.


yes, TEAM JACOB 4ever!!


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