The Twilight Saga

Who thinks jacobs looks way hotter with his short hair? hes so gorgeos!!! robert pattinson looks beter as a vampire than himself.

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hes so hott!!!!
i tottaly agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
def with shorter hair he's hot both ways but the shorter hair suits him and so does the new body and rob does look better vamp because he luks after himself more as edward and he's not as gangly XD xx
ya, i love taylor, team jacob all the way
look at this pic!
I have this poster!
I agree with everything you just said !
I got this picture as well!
I love him with both long and short hair but man he's so hot.
Jacob looks way better with his short hair, It looked kind of awkward long!
Jacob would look GREAT with hair or without anyway would be OKAY!!!!! However a man with LONG hair is very SEXY!!
his hair is so much better in new moon! it suits him so much better and makes him look even more hotter!


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