The Twilight Saga

this is how i think the story should go please be nice this is my first time trying this. it all starts after bella and edward get back and there in  the woods with jake.

bella pov

when i saw jake with the bags under his eyes i felt terrible because i knew they were my fault.jake and edward talk about some thing i was listening until jake said  you breaking the treaty .a listen but not that much . i was thinking about leaving edward for jake . whenthey got done fussing i had made up my mind jake. he put the piece back together when edward rip them i walk over to jake they both had a suprise look on there faces.i look jake in the eye and he look back the way he look at me made me hate myself for leaving him. jake i love you and you are a great guy who will always take care of  me and keep me safe and i know you will never leave me.edward caught on a little faster than jake because he whispered my name.

jake pov 

when bella stared say all this stuff t first i thought she was going to leave me. and run of with her blood sucker. i heard edward say ''bella''. then i knew she was choosing me over him . i try me hardest not to kiss bella in front of edward but it was so hard .

bella pov

when jake realize i choose him he look lighter happier than before . i did not want to kiss jake in front of edward but it was hard.i turn to edward and apologized   for hurting him so bad . its like him and jake switch face expression. but edward look that scary depress.i gave him a hug i knew he did not want to let go but he did.when i got back in jake arms it was soo  not on purpose  i kiss jake his wam soft lips caress. i heard a sigh that sounded like failure.then a rustle .when i turn around he was gone but the Volvo was still there that let me know how upset he was.

edward pov

my heart  had shattered when bella said she is choosing him over me it hurt so bad and then to prove she was not playing she kissed him in front of me .i thought bella was going to  mine for ever. so i just run i try to out run the pain it was just to fast for me 

bella pov 

me  jake stop kissing and he put me on his back and we run to his house .when we got to jake house he told me that when i choose him instead of edward, he had imprinted on me i was happy to know he loved me but i was confused on the imprinting thing he explain that to me. he also said it happens completely by surprise. i was quiet for a little to long thats when jake started kissing me. our tongues were moving fast and out of control. he move his hands  over my thigh and hips it felt so good.

jake pov
after i explained to bella about imprinting it was quiet i hated it so i started to kiss her it feel so good to rap my tongue around i held her i caressed her sides and her hips i never thought i would be doing this with my childhood crush.

bella pov

me and jake made out in his room until billy knock on the door'' jake who are you in there with you'billy ask that scared use both.he got off me and tried to answered billy'' uh uh uh then jake whispered to me that he did not know what to say so i said tell the truth.and look at me and said ok .billy said hello?  b-bella and then he open the door. billy mouth was drop. then he ask me if i was cheating i said no me and him broken up. i left him for jake. you need to tell charlie your home he had been worried sick ok .jake was still looking dumbfounded so your not mad.why would i be billy ask .jake just shrugged it off.

10 minutes later 

me ,jake and billy were at charile's. while jake helped billy out the truck charlie gave me a monster bear hug.''where were you ,you were gone for three days i thought something bad had happed to you 'charile said. sorry dad i really am .did you leave for that cullen guy. when charlie said that i hung my and he told me that he doesn't  love you.''if he loved you he wouldn't have left charlie went on bells you can just leave me like that you scared the living day lights out if me. i put my arms around charile and said sorry.did you get a ride from jake and billy. before i could answer billy said no they were making out in jake's room,thanks dad jake said and then  billy said your welcome . then charile asked me if i was still with edward and i said no me and jake go out? i said it in question form 'cause i was not sure. he said yes and i nodded my head at charile.

jake pov 

it feel right to have bella claim me as her boyfriend that means i have up graded for bestfriend to boy friend . billy stayed at charlie and watch and bella sneaked off back to my house.we run into the woods and started to play then we end up on the grass make out.jake, bella ask can this be our meadow.i said but ask why she told  me if i ever leave this is were i can find you. when bella climbed on top of me my nose started to burn it stung so i told bella we should go in i didn't want to freak her out.but know bella she didn't instead she started asking questions and making it really hard to be serious.   then it go stronger and stronger then i pull bella of me and told her we have to leave now there is a vampire near.

bella pov

when i heard jake say that the first thing i did was start to walk closer to him.then i ask was it he said it was him and he was mad.then edward came out the trees with a scary look on his face and said of course i be mad you took something that was mine.then i said to edward but you left what was left me alone and my was shattered into a bunch of piece jake took his time and found every pie of my heart,as i said that i look at jake. then i went on you expect to come back and keep me, no jake has use his love to put me back together. then edward had his nerve to call jake a dog.

jake pov

when bella started to tell edward of i knew she really loved me. all i was thinking was get him bella ,bad bad bloodsucker and and bella show that leech who's boss and then i started laughing in my hind to annoy him. then yelled  SHUT UP YOU STUPID DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!

edward pov

that dog teasing and taunting was getting on nerve so i called him a stupid dog  and that got bella mad then she started telling me to leave and get out of her life. and when i said she was my life  she told me to get a knew on jake started laughing his head off .

bella pov

when i told edward to get a new life jake started to laugh i look at him and ask him if he had lost his mind. he said no and stop laugh slowly .when he finally stop laughing i guess it was what he thought because edward push me out the way all i screamed edwards name and thats when i blacked out.

jake pov
 when i saw edward  push bella in to the tree i use every inch of my power to not kill him . when i run over to see if bella was ok she was passed out ,her arm was bent funny and her head was bleeding. when edward ttied to come see how bella was i growled at him. he run some where but i did care all i wanted was for bella to be ok . i run her to the hospital .

2 hours later

i was in the wait room when Carlisle came out he said it was ok for me to see bella . before i went in to see bella Carlisle ask how she got hurt. i had to think about how to react with out shouting.he was mad at me for laughing at him and he pushed bella out the way to get to me .she fell in to a tree.i said it slowly so i would not freak out. Carlisle apologized for edward's action and then i walked in the room.

bella pov

when i woke up i saw jake starring at me i knew were i was because of all the white.the first thing jake said was he was sorry and this was all his fault.i wouldn't let him say that . it was all edwards fault .i brush jakes head and told him to kiss me. when his warm lips wrapped around mine it warm them so.i got so intense and hot . as he moved his tongue up and down my neck the heart monitor started beating faster then there was a knock at the door jacob opened it.IT WAS HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he had his never to come here. i was jake face when edward pushed by his arms started to shake. the heart monitor started to beat  faster.then i said jake namme he gave this look like he was about to phase. 

1 month later

jake pov

today i could take bella out the hospital when i went there she was not there i ask the nurse and she told me that an edward cullen had checked her out while she was sleep. that when i lost it.when i was in the woods i phased i had had enough of him he was dead.

bella pov when i woke up i was in edwards room  . i saw alice in achair acroos the rom i asked her why was i here and where was edward she said he was down stairs i asked her to take me home as soon as she agreed edward was in the room thats when i started to yell.WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING YOUR NOT ALOUD TO SEES ME LET ALONE TAKE ME OUT THE HOSPITAL ALICE PLEASE TAKE ME HOME. she said ok edward tried to stop her but she said no.

jake pov 

i was walking out the door to go the cullens when i smelled a vampire i was hoping it was edward just hoping but it was alice .with bella on her back bella run to me and gave me a hug i thanked alice and she left. when me and bella stopped hug i told her we need to see charlie to let him know your okay and out the hospital .

2 hours later
after me and bella came back for charlies  i took her to the beach. i had a suprise for her and she would love when we got to our  bench i got down on one knee and said to bella i will promise to love you every time your heart beat every step you take and every move you me isabella swan will you marry me? but right before she said something there he was.  

edward  pov

when i saw that dog on his knees i had to lie do something to make bella say no.bella don't say yes i said to her then she asked why and then i said he has been sneaking around with his werewolf  girl friend . when i said that bella look at him and said leah.he stund up quick and started to deny it. bella if you leave with me i won't cheat .

jake pov 

i can't believe je is ling like this i ask bella does she believe him she just stund there.

bella pov

i could not believe what i was hearing it hurt i didn't know how to believe .then they started to argue i screamed SHUT UP!!!!!!! and i run straight to Emily's place she run outside asking me wat was wrong.i told her the story and right before emily said any tthing there was leah pulling up on her black motorcycle i run and hugged her and told her wat was happening.she ask me why would she go out with her brother .she also asked me why would i believe edward and not jake? so then jake came running so i give him a hug and whispered in his ear. yes .he put the ring on my finger and emily and leah were so happy.

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u going to add
B pov

After I new that Alic and Seth where in bed I got up from the table in the kitchen and noted that things where not in the same place as I had left them. " Jake honey um what happened in my kitchen?" He just turned away and said nothing. " Baby what happened I want be mad. Dose this happen to have anything to do with Emily not being at home and dirty?" " Bells um II um oh $hit ok look Vitoria was in our house and" I didn't even let him finish " WHAT!? WHY WAS SHE IN OUR HOUSE?" Jake looked at me with his eyes as big as goal balls. " She came here to see what kind of life you had with me and to ask a favor from me." " WHY was she asking YOU for anything?" " She wants me to help her take down the Cullen's." When he told me this my mouth dropped. " WHY?" is all I could say. " She doesn't blame you anymore for what happen to her mate. She blames Edward and the Cullen's for it and she wants me and the pack to help her take them down. " Yep thats right I want them died" The voice came from behind me. I jumped and turned around and Jake was in front of me in no time. " What are you doing here?" It was Victoria in my kitchen looking at me with thoughs ruby red eyes and a small smile on her face. ' I am here to see if you would re consider my alfer to help me take down the Cullen's. " Never." Then I stepped around Jake and this time I wasn't afraid of her. " Vitoria" I said with a shaky voice. " Why do you want to take down all the Cullen's?" " Because they killed my James. I thought by taking you out that it would be a even trade but you are no longer a factor in this. So I am here to ask your new Dog for help." " Thats not a way to get me on your side you know." Jake said to her and she still just smiled at us like we where all friends. Then something came out from behind her it was Seth. He grabbed her by the hair and neck and slammed her down on my kitchen floor.
b pov

when i saw seth slam victoria on the ground i was shocked she didnt bite him or some thing.''seth the hell are you doing out side in the middle of the night the round are over for to day'' jake asked him.
plz do so becka the queen demands it lol jk

as me and seth sat in the feild he told me that my eye started to become a light shy blue.i told him they were that color when i was human . i think i was turn human i told seth. hanging out with him was really doing some thing for me . i leaned in and so did seth we started to kiss his warm lips moving and twisting with mine feel good i climbed on top of him he pulled me down. he rubbed his hand up and down my body . we started to move fast and we were breathing hard before any could happen jake and bella were in the meadow.''ewwww seth and alice are making out '' jake said like a little kid. we pulled for each out fast do to emmbrassment.come on u two love birds were going in now.'' bella said smiling i was happy but mad at the same time. me and seth walk i layed my head his shoulder as we walked we final go to the room andi fell for the first time in a long time a sleep.
I wish Victoria hadn't died so easily though.

when i woke i smelled bacon,eggs .pancakes , sausage and muffins. seth was watch me wake up .''good morning ali'' seth said in a low voice ''hi'' whats that smell is bella cooking''. yeah hopefully jakes not helping. me seth started to laugh. he told me to go and see what go and see whats was up.wheni walked out he got up i was kind confused.i had a vision that seth was going to propose i scream and i heard seth say damn.bella came running to seee what was up.''alice are you ok. she nodded with excitement then she whispered in my that seth was going to propose.''yeah i wanted it to be a surprise but now ''seth called.
The I really did wake up. I looked over a Seth. He was asleep on the floor. How cute I thought. I looked like a lil puppy. I pushed him with my feet and he jumped. "GOD your feet are cooled." We both smiled at each other. " Seth I had a very weird dream last night." " Well tel me about it. It couldn't have been weirder than mine was. " Ok I dreamed that you asked me to marry you." "Well ok it was just like mine." We smiled at each other. ' Alic." he said " Yea Seth." " Um ha ha do you know anything about imprinting?" he asked me. " Well a little. Bella told me about it right after her and Jake got married. Why do you ask." I got up and walked to the other side of the room to look for me something to ware. " I'm asking because um well you and I had the same dream on the same night. Dose that seem a little weird to you at all?" He asked me with that cute smerk on is face. " Well my question is why are you on the floor? When we went to bed last night we where in the bed together I thought." " We where but MY GOD Girl your feet are COOLED I just couldn't take you putting them thangs on my anymore." We both bust out laughing at each other and the there was slit tap on the door. " Yes Bella." I called at the door. " Can I come in?' she asked. " Yea we are dressed." I had took my clothes off and got dressed in clean ones before Seth had time to look back at me from the door. " HU How did you do that?" Seth asked me with his is looking so surprised. " Magic my little pup." I said to him. " IM NO PUP" he told me wile he stud up trying to look all big and bad. " Well know who's afraid of the BIG BAD WOLF." Bella said to Seth with a smile on her face. I started laughing at him and he just walked out the door. So that made me and Bella laugh even harder. Jack was already at the table with a BIG plate of food. and Seth was making his to. " What was all that about?" Jake asked me and Bella as we walked into the room." OH MY GOD Alic. What is wrong with your eyes?" Jake said to me and then Bella looked at me and she put her hand over her mouth and her eyes where looking all over me. " What is wrong with yall. I fell fine." " Well you look great but your not um........ YOU anymore." I didn't understand what they where saying so I walked over to the hall mirror and I think if I had a heart it would have stopped beating.

I was looking at Alic and I was trying to figer out what was going on. As Alic walked into the hall. I got my cell phone off the bar. I never liked cell phones but cents the whole thing with Edward Jake and Sam make me carry one at all times. I called Carliel and he picked up on the first ring. " Hello Bella the kids are fine they have gone with Esme and Rose shopping." " We need you NOW!" I told him and before I got off the phone Alic was by my side asking what was I doing and what was happening to her. I had no answer for her. " I called Carliel and he is on his way. Just just go set down and relax and we will figer all this out." As we went into the living room Seth and Jake where right behind us with a plate full of food. " This is no time to be eating." I said to them both. " Its ok I'm kind hungry myself. Seth can you get me a plate to?" " WHAT? You dont eat human food." we all just sat there quietly. Then there was a knock at the door. It was Sam with Carliel in tow. " Sorry to stop by but Carliel said you needed him and so I came with him just to make shore everything was........." he trailed off when we looked at Alic. " Alic sweety." Carliel called to her. She looked up at him. " What is going on with me?"

i never seen this happen in all my years i never seen a vampire unvampire this suppose to be a permanent state. when i said that alice look at me as if i slapped her , she look so scared. whats happening why one eye brown and the other one yellow she asked. ''sweet i dont know thats what im trying to find out.
Can you plz Send Me More Plz...


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