The Twilight Saga

What song do you think it suits to Jacob and Renesmee?

I can not think anyone but this:

Hope you all enjoy as I did. Keep in touch and let me know what do you think! ;)

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Oh my lord. This is THE Perfect! song for them two. I almost wanted to cry!
This is adorable and i love it!

I am so adicted to red Jumpsuit Apparatus and THIS song in particularly!
omg! that is PERFECT for them! it was purely beautiful
This song is my favorite one... ;)

Aw! That's a perfect song for them! XD That was so cute!! <3
I think the same ;)
wow , I nver imagined it like that before , this vid really opened up my eyes
Good! After that clip I started to re-think all my love for Jacob. He is more than I ever thought on the beginning (New Moon), he is a truly passionate person. :)
so true thats why i love him


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