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hey guys i was wondering something and its been bugging me. oka u kno how jake had dis longing love fer bella and then as soon as he seens Renesme he imprints on her. i was wondering was he really in love with bella or wat was inside of her? like its ironic how he loves renesme and then renesme was technically inside bella all dis time.
-wuld love some feedback plz and thnk u:D TwiAdDiCt<3

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i get what you're saying. from the start, renesmee was a part of bella, right?
so i'm kinda guessing here, but isn't it that part of bella that jake was longing for?
i mean, in breaking dawn when bella is kind of freaking out about jake imprinting on renesmee he says-
". . .Do you remember how much you wanted me around three days ago? How hard it was to be apart frm each other? That's gone for you know, isn't it?. . .That was her. . . .From the very beginning. We had to be together, even then."
i think it was really renesmee he was in love with the whole time. . . .
it was like as renesmee was growing inside of bella, the love grew stronger and once she was born, *bam* imprinted.
that's what i think . . . .
oo yeah. jake did say tht. exaclty. tht makes a whoole lota sense. it intesfied as renesmee's appearance was getting closer. also i was wondering how she culd love to ppl wit the same passion at once. makes sence. thnx:)
your welcome ;D
yeah, that's really true.
Yes that does make sense her and jacob were supposed to be together and so that would mean that bella would always be apart of jacob life
Yea, But Jacob was in love with Bella Way before Reneesme was even thought about being made. So it kinda falls through there...
O-O woah. trully an awesome answer, so u thnk this whole imprinting thng is more set on a stronger generation them true love?


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