The Twilight Saga

I wish this chick woulda been cast as the role of Leah in Eclipse .

I think the one they cast looks way too manly, and in the book she

is described as extremely beautiful . this is the Leah I see

in my mind, what do you guys think ?




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yeah !
an when Leah cant have kids the girl looks like she'd be awesome at acting REALLY gutted :L
Its not like I have much else to go on, its not like we have seen her act yet . And excuse me for wanting the Leah in my mind, to be the same Leah on screen ? I guess that just doesnt make sense . hmm .
O shoosh Sarisa, in the book it says that 0.o lol plus she is just stating her opinion. I like the pic but i always thought of Leah as having blond hair with little waves in it :D
Blonde hair? But she's a Quileute???
this girl is fit as one of the werewolve pack...she's really beautiful...i also hope that leah in movie is like her..

 i under stand that

she is not Leah at all. Julia was perfectly cast for the role. and i don't think she looks "manly." people are so shallow these days...


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