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Let's take a vote......

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner. Votes-

Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner Votes-

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No me! Lol. All i want to be is Makena Black. Im already a werewolf so i dont need anymore in common with him
Yeah, i think that demi would be horrible for him. But besides Selena, i cant think of anyone for him
i would say, taylor swift...
yup...i think selena is too goody-to-shoes for him...without offending any selena fans out there....less drama with TS....look cuter together too...have you guys heard TS musical "CNN" monologue (spell check!!!) hilarious and has a little insight on TS and TL relationship...check it out
LOL! THAT WOULD BE HILARIOUS! (im talking about in your first comment)
LMAO! Very interesting comment JB. I think they both would be cute for him. He does have a disney background himself.. he was in Sharkboy & Lavagirl movie & Cheaper by the Dozen, remember? As long as he finds someone who make him happy and with whom he has things in common with, its all good. (Of course I'd want him for myself too but.. that aint happening either..LOL) =D
Lol true
as much a we all love the dude. we have to be realistic. but i would say taylor over selena, have nothing gainst the girl but it seems that he would be happier with taylor since he's all gushing over her. but your idea with the taylor calling taylor is pretty!!
i like them but if they got married n she took his name they would both be taylor lautner XD
haha, i never thought of that, but it's true! Shed prob have 2 go by her middle name or he would, idk which is better:alison or daniel? let's vote
i prefer no one


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