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My life will never be the same.


My friends, my house and my Love.


You can't live a lie. You can't hide from the truth.


ou need to learn how to trust the ones that love you.


Even if it kills you to protect them.


What would you kill to protect? What would you do anything for?


I thought I knew the answer to that, but HE changed everything.


My Life is no longer mines to keep.


It belongs to HIM.


I have to live for him and he for me.


Faith is what He said. I knew he was right.


I love you but I'm afraid to let you in.


I'm sorry if it hurts him.



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thanks for reading my story
pls do more writing then pics or talking. looking forward to see how seth and tammy take her new self
plz write more lovin the story

Thank you....

I'm writing this chapter and i feel i am in love with it.....

Chapter Nine


Tammy POV


No matter what happens to my life or me, this place will be forever in my heart and mind. I spun in circles; I thought I was dizzy when i saw a shadow standing a little way from me in the clearing.

I stopped instantly and looked at the shadow. It wasn’t just a shadow but it was a person. When the person spoke then I realized who it was.

“Tamika, listen to me, please.” Seth begged me. I looked at him walking towards me, wide-eyed. How did he find me quickly? Why is my heart racing at the mare sight of him? “Tamika, please don’t run away from me.” He pleaded with me when I started to back away from him.

“Seth, please don’t. Stay away from me for your own good.” Even saying that sounds weird to me. I have never needed anyone more than I needed Seth at this moment. He took another step closer to me and I turned and started to run from him.

“Tamika, for god’s sake, please stop.” Seth yelled at me. I turned to see him running next to me. I slowed my running and then stopped running. A few feet away from the stream. But Seth didn’t and he went straight into the stream.

“Seth!” I yelled, jumping into the stream behind him. “Please, please, be okay.” I begged him. I was so scared that something might be wrong with him. I had his head in my lap when he turned over and I saw a bleeding scratch on his shoulder. I inhaled the scent of his blood again and my mouth began to water. “Oh God, not again.” I said pulling away from him.

“I’m sorry.” I said and ran away from him. I can’t bite him again; I won’t let myself do that to him again. I ran and ran until I was out on the beach.

I dropped to my knees and cried. I cried and cried. 


I am not going to bite anyone again. I will hide away from everyone and leave the country. I sniffled and started to walk towards the water. I wonder if vampires could drown. Well half turned ones. I closed my eyes and kept on walking. I felt the cold water firstly soaking into my shoes then higher up my legs, then my thighs and waist. I could hardly bare the fact that the water here was freezing but I needed to try to stop myself. By the time the water was reaching my neck I opened my eyes and looked out future in the sea. I took one deep breath and I ducked under the water and started to swim out deeper.

“Tamika.” I thought I heard a muffled voice call to me from under the water and I swam back up to the surface. Kicking my feet under the water to keep me above the surface I looked around to see….. What in God’s name is he trying to do?

Why is he on that cliff and why is he striping off his clothes? I asked myself, swaying with the waves that push pass my body. He isn’t going to do that is he? I asked myself as I saw Seth dive into the rough waters. And he just did. I know I can swim but what about him? I won three trophies for my previous school and now hear I am, in the most freezing cold water as possible, and watching this crazy boy swim towards me.


I felt a strong undercurrent and I looked out towards the deep where I saw a really big wave coming towards us. From the looks of it Seth would be pushed under for a very long time if he doesn’t stop swimming and brace himself. I looked from the wave to Seth and thought I hade about 25 seconds before it reach us. I had to do something. I started to swim as fast as I could and reached Seth in half the time. I grabbed a hold of his arms and pulled him down under the water with me. Seth was struggling to get away from me and I stopped his struggling by pulling his head is my direction.  He opened his eyes even wider and gaped at me. I pointed up towards the surface and to show him the wave that was directly above us. By the time it had completely passed Seth was out of breath. Oh shoot. I pulled him towards me and kissed him to take his mind off drowning while we kicked our way back up to the surface. I didn’t really know what took so long, if it was the kiss that made everything else seem more distant but I was completely overwhelmed by this situation.

By the time we breeched the surface water Seth’s warm arms was wrapped around my waist tightly. I didn’t know what was happening between us but I didn’t want this kiss to end. But it had too. I slowly pulled away from him and pointed back to the shore.

“You’re coming with me,” he said looking slightly hurt at my gesture. I simply shook my head and turned back to sea and started to swim away slowly. I felt a warm hand pull me back to where I was before. I was staring at Seth straight in his dark brown eyes. “Tamika, listen to me.” He snapped and it looked like he was fighting with himself. I flinched a little but I was in a trance jus staring at him.


“If you leave now, I have no other option than to follow you. You are my imprint for Christ sakes and I can’t live without you near me. It will slowly but surely kill me if you are too far away.” He said through gritted teeth. Was his anger deflected at me or was it just my imagination? And I still don’t know why I’m his imprint and what it means? I started to shiver when a strong wind blow over head and I dipped under the water and came back up. I glared at Seth and then started to swim back to sure.

Something in my gut told me he was going to follow me no matter where I went. When we got to shore he turned and looked at me. “Wait here, I’ll go get the rest of my clothes.” I finally took in his attire as I watched some water droplets run down his well built chest. Slowly following every little trickles and then followed them from where they started and up to the source. I lustfully stared at him and I glimpse a muscle in his gar twitched my body twitched along with it. I was biting my bottom lip when I notice he was staring at me. I glanced away quickly, feeling my cheeks get warmer with my blush. Oh God help me. I’m feeling things I never thought were possible for him. My stomach started to flutter when I felt his presence even stronger next to me; the heat radiating from his body was sending my hormones out of control.


I don’t understand why I am feeling this and he hasn’t even touched me yet. I turned and faced Seth with eyes darkened with lust and a happy yet childish spark in them. Seth was looking at my directly in my eyes when he raised his hand to my face. My blood stopped circulating exactly where his fingers touched. I leaned my head more into his hand.

“Tamika, are you okay?” Seth asked me and I snapped out of my daydream a he moved his hand away from my face. Seth was holding a piece of seaweed that was stuck in my hair. I looked flustered for a second or two then I nodded my head and started to walk towards the forest, by myself.

What is going on with me? I looked back at him in the distance and he was running towards me. Ok I am positive I wasn’t running. He had to be really slow or something.

“If you walk so slow we’ll never reach back to my dad’s house for me to change before I go back to the Cullen’s house.” I said to Seth rolling my eyes at him. I know I was behaving rude now because I am extremely embarrassed but when he smiled my heart melted and my knees buckled.

“Well let’s make it there in no time, if you want to get on my back?” he asked me. I looked taken aback for a while then I blinked and stared at him. What was he talking about? He was going to carry me back home, but how?

“I’ll carry you. Stay right here.” He said and ran deeper into forest. I stood there impatiently waiting for him to come back.  I looked around and then to a large tree in the distant when I saw it.

Walking towards me in all it glorious size and color just like the first time I met it.


Seth was really my wolf and the only thing that kind of made sense while I was here. I walked up to him and passed my hand on over his fur. Before I could have removed my hand from him, Seth slumped down and lay on the floor which made it a lot easier for me to get on him. I climbed onto him and adjusted myself.  When Seth raised to his full height, I grabbed tightly at his fur, praying I wouldn’t fall off. He started to walk slowly at first, trying to make sure I was securely on him – I hoped. Then he started to trot, before he took off running through the forest.

It was a thrilling and life fulfilling experience until it came to an end in front off my house

thank you


nice chap:)
omggggg soooo good plz post again!!
pls let me know when you do more. enjoying it
thank you carla and i will tell u
that was really nice!

A.W.E.S.O.M.E. keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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