The Twilight Saga





My life will never be the same.


My friends, my house and my Love.


You can't live a lie. You can't hide from the truth.


ou need to learn how to trust the ones that love you.


Even if it kills you to protect them.


What would you kill to protect? What would you do anything for?


I thought I knew the answer to that, but HE changed everything.


My Life is no longer mines to keep.


It belongs to HIM.


I have to live for him and he for me.


Faith is what He said. I knew he was right.


I love you but I'm afraid to let you in.


I'm sorry if it hurts him.



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It still has Paul....
I don't know what my friend do but i changing everytime i wirte
Becka that is really good that you is telling her and all but I am writting chapter two so if you want to read it before I post it up message me guys
send me the message guys.
I changing the name is that okay
I totally forgot Colling thanks becka
I can be Collin's gf if that's okay
I forgot about Brady and Vampire Diaries can you send me the website you watch it on Edith and thanks again guys for the names I forgot.
I will think about who to give who to okay

no annoying the writer or no one gets a wolf
can't read what u put
Chapter Two
New friends

My room was really a reflection of myself. Great. My mother told him how to decorate my room.
I even had my own laptop. and my room was painted in my favorite colour, sky blue. Someone was trying really had for me to like them. I was not giving in that easy plus these people knows nothing about my life and me, so best they stop trying.

I walked to my bed and sat on it. I was thinking about how I was going to get over the emptiness I feel in my heart. I was thinking about that backstabbing b!@t# I called my friend and that son of a female dog, that was my boyfriend. How could you trust people now. It really hurts when I think about it but it happened and I had to live with it everyday. I noticed I was crying when I felt a tear drop on my hand in my lap. I now feel happy that I was a good bit of miles away from them. I sat and stared out the window looking back in my past when I heard some people walk in the house downstairs making hooting noise and wolf calls.
"Dad. we're home." i heard a voice call from downstairs. I'm guessing that one is Embry. I walked to the stairway and hid behind the wall so no one could see me from the bottom of the stairs and eavesdrop.

"Do you think she is pretty?"
"I hope she is because I won't mind dating Embry's little sister."
"Maybe she is short."
"Maybe Seth can have her."
I was hearing a whole lot of statements coming from different guys and I was starting to wonder how many friends Embry had with hot bodies.
"Guys I don't even know if she is here, yet." I heard Embry's voice said. So they were talking about me. I was wondering, if I should make myself known or just stay up here.
"Do you mind keeping your voices down. Tammy is sleepy upstairs, I think." I heard my father voice, now. My father, yeah right, he won't ever hear me call him that out loud. I made up my mind that second and walked down the stairs and follow the voices to the living room.

I stood in behind the wall that leads to the living room and listen some more.
"She's here?" Embry asked.
"Yes she arrived a little while ago. So if you want to see her you can go on up, but make it quick," Dale was saying when I walked in the room. "And don't mention anything to her about you guys."
"Don't mention what to me?" I asked from behind them, and it looked like I startled most of them even Dale.
"Tammy, you're here. Well it helps than to go upstairs now. This is Embry." he said pointing at the boy sitting on the single chair. I made a face at the resemblance between father and son and then I forced a smile.
"Hi I'm Tamika." i said stretching my hand out to him. When he stood up to get my hand his muscled body flexed in so many ways I felt a my throat grown very dry.
"I'm Embry, your brother." He said grabbing my hand and shaking it vigorously.
"I'll leave you all to get to know each other for a while." Dale said getting up and leaving the room.
When he left I looked at everyone of the five boys surrounding me. There wasn't enough air in this room. I was starting to feel extremely hot.

Embry moved in closer to me and smiled turning me to face a taller boy around his age. "Tamika this is my best friend, Jake" I shook Jake's hand and said 'hi'. He introduced me to Paul, Quil and Jared right after. I was completely interested in all of them. Then I heard they started to talk about introducing me to some of their girlfriends and the rest of the pack. The pack part was weird becuase back home we called each other friends and or clique. Never 'pack'. So I learned Jacob, Jared and Quil have girlfriends and Embry had one too. I keep hearing about Collin, Brady, Daniel, Seth and Sam but I don't know who they are. Sam was engaged and Seth, Paul, Collin, Brady and Daniel are single. So i had a limited choice to choose from.

"You should come to the beach with us." Jacob said to me. I smiled back at him and nodded my head. I had absolutely nothing to do. It won't hurt me to try to fit in right. Yeah it might really. I mean I definitely don't fit in here. But I wanted to see the rest of the 'pack'.
"How far it is?" I asked them. Quil looked me up and down and started to laugh.
"We could walk it if you change," he said chuckling to himself. I was completely lost now.
"What's so funny?" I asked him and the rest of them join him laughing at me.
"Tammy I don't think your dressed for the walk to the beach." Embry said looking me up and down. I stared at myself and nodded in agreement.
"Give me a minute." i said and excused myself and headed for my room to change. i exchanged my hoodie and skiny jeans for a three piece brown and white bathing suit, I didn't where the wrap skirt part, a short leans skirt and a netted laced cole shoulder top. over my bikini bra. I look at myself in my mirror and felt a sense of approval at my outfit. I walked down the stairs and walked out the front where everyone was waiting for me. I hoped I looked normal enough with my flip flops on my feet.

I exited the house and closed the door behind me. By the shocked faces, I think I am over dressed. I watched some of their face expression and saw lust in them and I started to blush. I walked over to Embry and said shyly said, "I'm ready."
I heard a car pull up behind me and I turned to see......
Wow you do have a way with words. So who exactly came to pick them up? I'll be looking through the pages to see if there is more of the story.


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