The Twilight Saga





My life will never be the same.


My friends, my house and my Love.


You can't live a lie. You can't hide from the truth.


ou need to learn how to trust the ones that love you.


Even if it kills you to protect them.


What would you kill to protect? What would you do anything for?


I thought I knew the answer to that, but HE changed everything.


My Life is no longer mines to keep.


It belongs to HIM.


I have to live for him and he for me.


Faith is what He said. I knew he was right.


I love you but I'm afraid to let you in.


I'm sorry if it hurts him.



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I going to write in something that is going to be cliffy but really juicy at the same time. so when i post it I don't want anyone to complain okay
I hope i got this right
yes please thank you
thank you
Thanks Ashley now can some on eget Claudia to post up a photo and then I need picks of some of the wolves. I already have Jake Nessie Tammy Seth Embry Becka Edith Ashley and I think I have a pic of Jared. but I need the rest.
Sam Emily Collin Quil Daniel Claudia Claire Paul and whoever I miss all the wolves and their imprints is who i need so some one make a listing for me please
post them for me so I could save them and make the banner
Now we need to make up pics for Collin and Brady and Daniel. I don't think they were real twilight actors. They were in Midnight Shadows not twilight.
Emily and Claire and some one make a photo for Claudia please
I need picks guys not messages I need the picks for the wolves and thier imprints
I want the pictures of all the girls and the wolves tonight please if possible
Chapter Three cont'd

Seth Pov

I can't believe Sam put me on Patrol duty at the time that Embry's little sister from another mother comes into town.
I was completely pissed. On top of it I am one of the wolves that hasn't imprinted yet. I knew why I didn't imprinted; no girl was interesting me in this town. The good part was that I was getting off in a while. I heard Daniel thinking about the same thing.
Daniel, Let's head to the beach one time. I thought to him on my patrol.
Sure Seth. Daniel thought back to me.
Don't forget about me, guys. I'm coming to. Collin thought to us.
I rolled my eyes and smiled to myself. I wonder if Embry's sister is anything like him. I was walking next to Collin when we slowly walked to the beach.
Let's get changed guys. i thought and we all branched off iand ran to phase back and put on our clothes.

Tammy Pov

I turned to see Embry behind me. I was startled a little.
"What is it?" I asked him with a bit off attitude that stated I didn't want to be here. Honestly if he thinks I want him to be protective he needs to think that thought over.
"I'm sorry. I just came to tell you that I'll b eback in a while, I'm going with Jake, we'll be back shortly. Will you be okay here with out me?" he asked stepping away from me. Oh, I snapped at him for no good reason. My bad temper these days.
"I'll be fine." I said softening my tone a bit.
"Yeah she'll be fine. We won't bite her." Nessie said from behind me. Embry and the others started to laugh at Nessie's statement. Now I was getting really angry at the jokes the all had and making me feel left out.

I shrugged off the hand Nessie placed on my shoulder. What is their problem? I asked myself. First you let me feel left out now you want to make a part of the group. I was getting more agitated than before. I watched Embry, Jake and Sam walk off to the woods. I snorted and walked off from the others. I was walking along the beach and I decided to take a walk in the wilderness. I know I have to be mad to this by myself but I need to be alone for a while. I walked to the woods, after crossing the road and almost slipping, I made it safely to the dangerous woods. Kind of ironic, huh? I crossed over a log and continued to walk deeper n the woods. It was rather beautiful.

Nature was a really beautiful thing sometimes. I stood on the woods and felt all my worries and troubles disappear.
My pain of lost and heartbreak is gone for now. Well until I leave the peace of the woods. Nothing can go wrong at this moment. Everything is perfect for m---
I heard a tree branch snap in the distance and I turned my entire body in the direction of the noise. What the hell was that?
I was hearing footsteps now like if something was running towards me. They were getting louder. I was scared now. i don't know what was coming but my body was paralyzed with fear. I couldn't move from where I was standing. My heart was pounding in my chest and I couldn't hear myself think. The footsteps were really close to me now that I looked out in the distance and saw I that a wolf? It has wolves in this forest.

As the wolf got closer the size was getting way bigger than usual. My eyes felt like they were going to pop out of my head. This is unbelieveable. A giant wolf. I finally got back my body and i started to walk towards the beast running to me. Wow! I never seez to amaze myself. I am walking towards a deadly four legged creature.

Seth Pov

I saw this girl walking towards me in the woods. Is she mad? Normal people willing be running away from me but she was walking towards me. I stopped and looked at her from at least four yards away. She was in a trance or something.I didn't know what to do but it was really different with her here. I felt normal almost compleatley human. She walked closer to me and i slowly crawled to her. This is amazing she was touching my fur and not screaming or anything. I stayed where I was looking around to make sure no one can see me.
Seth, what the hall are you doing? I heard Jake's thoughts. When i saw sam running towards me growling at the girl. I was completely over protective of her and I don't know why. I growl seeing Sam and i slightly pushed her away from me before I ran and tackled Sam. By the time I looked back in her direction she was gone.

Tammy Pov

The wolf pushed me away and started to run towards another one that looked more vicious than anything. I got to my feet and I ran as fast as possible when I saw the black wolf running towards me.
What the hell was going on in this place?
Whatever it was it had a lot more than I thought. I was power walking along the beach when.....
So it looks like Seth is going to imprint on Tammy......... I need to read more!!!!
Oh no cliffhanger


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