The Twilight Saga





My life will never be the same.


My friends, my house and my Love.


You can't live a lie. You can't hide from the truth.


ou need to learn how to trust the ones that love you.


Even if it kills you to protect them.


What would you kill to protect? What would you do anything for?


I thought I knew the answer to that, but HE changed everything.


My Life is no longer mines to keep.


It belongs to HIM.


I have to live for him and he for me.


Faith is what He said. I knew he was right.


I love you but I'm afraid to let you in.


I'm sorry if it hurts him.



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I wanted to be in one of Becka's stories to and Edith did you start the story with Stef and Collin I think.
*hugs back Dajana* Thank you to sweetie
YEAH I get seth I get seth
Jared for me
Tamika, can yo send me the link to a decision not easily made, I can't find it
loooovvvveeeee it as usual
I can't wait to read more
Chapter four cont'd
The Lies and the Decision

Seth Pov

I was walking with Sam to the others, on the beach, from the woods. It was more like being dragged to the others. I heard Paul call out to us and I looked over to him and the other guys. Sam pulled me away from the girls and headed straight to the pack members. Sam was still completely and totally angry at me. I walked over to the other guys and Jake rumples my hair, as usual. I hated being shorter than the rest of them.

“Embry. I want to go back to the house now.” A voice said from over by the girls. I turned to see something I doubt was even possible.
“Okay, I’m coming in a while.” Embry yelled back to her. I stared at the girl in the distance. She can’t be the same girl that saw me in the forest, a while ago. I blinked even harder this time to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. She had on the exact same clothes.
“Well hurry up please. I am starting to feel a little cold out here.” She yelled back to him.
“Don’t worry, I bet I could find someone to warm you up.” Embry said and all the pack members started to laugh.

“Am I seeing things?” I managed to ask Sam.
“You don’t even think about going over to her.” Sam growled at me.
“What the hell is wrong Sam? Just chill dude. Seth it’s okay, you can meet my little sister.” Embry said to us.
“No he can’t.” Sam said firmly in that stupid Alpha male voice. “This little twerp is going nowhere out of my sight. He just showed your little sister that there are wolves in the forest.” Sam continued.
“It was you she saw in the forest. What the hell is your problem? Do you know what you just did?” Embry started to throw questions at me while he was walking up to me. Was it that fricking bad? She has to know some time. I thought to myself.

Jake stepped in between the both of us. Embry was like a raging bull and so was Sam.
“Just stop it the both of you. So what if she saw him, it is not like any of us will tell her the truth now.” Jake said calmly.
“You don’t get it Jake. Seth over here intentionally let her see him. He was standing in front of her while she touched him. He was looking as if that was his….” Sam stopped midway in his sentence and grabbed Jake and Embry and walked away from the rest of us. I stood there with Collin, Jared and Daniel, asking me a whole bunch of questions. They were really starting to bug me. I tried my best to answer them even though all I wanted to do is walk over to Embry’s sister. I was ordered not to see her, so I had to listen.

Embry Pov

Sam practically dragged me and Jake along with him to a further away part of the beach.
“We have a serious issue.” Sam said to us. I stared at him confused and Jake just blinked. Could he be talking about Seth showing Tammy our secret? We already know about that.
“Sam we already know about that incident with Seth and my sis…” I was saying when Sam cut me off.
“Not that. Seth is going to imprint on your sister, Tamika, whether he likes it or not.” Sam quipped. It took me a while before it seeped into my mind.
“Wait for it.” Jake told Sam, staring at me.
“Seth is going to do what?” I snapped at him and Jake was standing between the both of us. I was so angry, my body was trembling and I knew I was about to phase. “I swear I am going to kill that kid if he even talks to my sister.” I was growling at Sam when Jake turned to me.
“Hurry and meet me at the cliff.” Jake said to me, trying to get me to leave before it is too late and I do something that will make my sister really not want to stay here. “Sam, take Tamika home to Emily’s.”

I ran into the woods, striped off my clothes and phased into my wolf form.

How the hell could Seth imprint on my little sister. She has been here for less than six hours. I swear I’ll ripe out his spleen if I have to, to keep him away from her. I mean Seth is like a little brother to me, so that should make Tammy a sister to him. I know I imprinted on Becka but that was different. Becka had always liked me and I did like her so it was natural instinct that I fall for her, even if she is my best friend’s sister. I know what imprinting would do to Tammy and Seth but I know she isn’t ready for a secret this big. She’ll have to leave her mother for good and her friends back home and live here for Seth’s sake. She won’t get a chance to make her own choices if he imprints on her. I don’t want this for my sister. I am now getting to know her and I thought this time it would have been different, she was different. Edith was different and Jared imprinted because of her compassion for others and her love of adventure and nature. Nessie and Jake is a complete messed up love and they cope with it. Becka risked her humanity for me and we are here now. Tamika doesn’t even know that she is living in a supernatural world.

I started to slowly walk to the cliff when I was close enough I phased back to my human form and quickly put back on my clothes.
I walked out to the edge and took a seat. I was completely lost in thoughts about how I will have to explain imprinting and wolves and the pack. I had to explain the entire history of the clan to my lil sister and it is just too much for her to take in now. I wasn’t expecting I had to tell her now. I wanted to wait at least three months, after she was settled in and she started school and made friends, then I would of told her about everything, even the Cullen’s and Nessie of course. I can’t. I just can’t let Seth do this to her. Before he imprints, I’ll have to see how she would take it. I’ll tell her, tomorrow, at the dance.

I heard the bushes rustle and I knew Jake was there. His scent wasn’t that hard to miss, but he wasn’t alone. He was with a Cullen and Nessie. I got up and looked back at them. Bella stepped forward with Nessie.
“Embry, we came to talk to you.” Bella said and I nodded my head. Nessie walked over to me and placed her hand on my cheek. I got images of Becka watching me injured and the pain in her eyes. Then she showed me Tamika crying when she cuts herself and the mark shows on Seth like a hot red spot and he flinches. Last she showed me what will happen if I keep Seth away from Tammy. The pain she will go through, I won’t be able to bear it, just watching her in that state will kill me.
“Now you know what you must do Embry.” Bella said to me sticking out her hand for Nessie. I nodded my head again and turned to Jake.
“How is it even possible that Sam knows he is going to imprint on her?” I asked him
“The same thing happened to Jared and Edith. Jared’s wolf fell for Edith and eventually the human will instantly imprint on the girl when he sees her face to face.” Jake explained.
“If that is the case then I just won’t let him anywhere near her. He won’t get the chance to imprint on her.” I said to him hoping that will work. “Seth doesn’t know anything about his feelings towards Tammy yet.”
“Embry. That will hurt Seth even more. She will be all that his wolf form will think about. It took Jared four days after he saw Edith before he could of imprinted and we all have those images of her still implanted in our minds.” Jake said.
“Well we not telling Seth about it until I explain to her about everything first. Seth will imprint after she knows the truth.” I said firmly, taking a deep breath and turned to Bella and smiled.
“Don’t give me that look. This is only reason I am here is to make sure you don’t over think and blow your brain.” Bella said smiling back at me. I knew she knows why I made the exact decision she made when it came to Nessie and Jacob’s history. I am not going to let my Tammy wait and get scared the hell out of her skin when Seth tells her. I will slowly tell her bit by bit until she is capable of handling the truth.

Well if i ever tell her that is.
Thanks guys but i still have to write the next chapter adn start another story based on the Rp i made can you guys go back to the rp now
Tamika you really need to stop pushing yourself so much. We both agreed to work on it together when we have the time. You'll will end up exactly me when i was first on here. I was writing three stories and on top of it helping with seven others and in a lot of rps. That is why i took a break from Rp and helping other people and study about my own stories and wait. Tammy don't you have the same amount of classes as me. How the hell you getting to do all that now.
This just keeps getting more and more interesting....
you need to keep on writing the story is so cool
can't wait for more!


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