The Twilight Saga





My life will never be the same.


My friends, my house and my Love.


You can't live a lie. You can't hide from the truth.


ou need to learn how to trust the ones that love you.


Even if it kills you to protect them.


What would you kill to protect? What would you do anything for?


I thought I knew the answer to that, but HE changed everything.


My Life is no longer mines to keep.


It belongs to HIM.


I have to live for him and he for me.


Faith is what He said. I knew he was right.


I love you but I'm afraid to let you in.


I'm sorry if it hurts him.



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You should really think about becoming a writer!
well i have good news for everyone especially Dajana

Love or Nothing is being updated right now
omg love it!! is Tamika turning into a vamp.??? write more!!
How are you guys so sure She'll turn into a Vampire????
I don't even know what i making her as yet.
But i just want a head count of how many of you guys want her to become a Vampire and then when i write and post up the next chapter we will see who was right and who was wrong
NOOOO Tamika CANT become a vamp! i dont want it at all
Tammy is a very evil girl. She is going to make you guys complain and study about wat she will write and then give you a heart attack at the turn of events.

Tammy is mean
please don't change her ok it won't be good i mean don't do that to Seth at least think about Seth.
Chapter Six
When will you get up?

Tammy POV

My body is really fricking sore. I can’t even open my eyes. And what is that burning feeling at my neck. I can’t move my body, I can’t drag eyelids to open my eyes, I’m in pain and everything is completely blank in my mind.
Great! Isn’t this perfect. I wonder if I’m dead, if I am then it won’t make no sense asking anyone. Would I stay like this? Am I in a coma? Why can I here myself think so loudly? It feels like I am answering myself and talking to someone else that knows me just as I know myself. Okay maybe I am not dead but just to weak to move. I should just relax and then after a while I’ll try it again.

Seth POV

Tammy didn’t even flinch or flexed a muscle since I got up and that was about 32 hours ago. Embry and Dale have been in and out of the room for days. According to Nessie and Jake, we’ve been unconscious for three days straight. That is amazing to me, I mean it was like we were dead for so long and I just got up and Tammy is still sleeping in some trance according to Edward. Edward told us that Tammy will be alright in a few days. I mean how long is a few days? I woke up after three, so when was she going to get up?
“That answer lies in her inner strength. But I can hear she is fighting to stay up mentally.” Edward said from the doorway. I looked back at him. What the does he mean by ‘she is fighting to stay up mentally’?
“I meant she is up and she can hear us. Her mind is active but her body is still not functioning.” He said then I saw Embry behind him.

I looked at the ground then back at Tammy’s body. That bite mark at her neck seemed to heal perfectly but she still didn’t look like one of them. That was a good thing right. She wasn’t a vampire. So she’ll be human. I was feeling happy at that moment until her eyelid twitched. I think I stopped breathing when her eyes were twitching under her eyelids. At least I knew she would be okay. It still bothered me, though. What will she get up as? Will she be human Tammy or vampire Tammy?
“We all have to wait to see the answer to that question Seth.” Edward said walking up to me.
“I know but I just don’t know if it was to late for you guys to save her.”
“Even if we were to late to save her, which I believe is a really slim chance of her still having venom in her body. I mean I bit her exactly on her first bite mark so she is supposed to be okay.” He said scratching his neck.
“Thanks Edward. I fell much better now.” I said sarcastically.
“She still isn’t up yet.” Dale called from the doorway next to Embry. I spun around to see his worried face. “Her mother is going to sue, then kill me for the safety of her only daughter.” He said rubbing his hand over his face. “She called twenty times over the past four days, already. What do you want me to tell her?” he asked all of us.
“Lie, think of something.” Edward said.

Tammy fingers twitched.
“Umm…Edward, you should turn around.” Embry said looking completely shocked. Edward and I turned to see Tammy’s fingers moving. I breathe deeply and exhaled slowly. Please, someone tell me this is a good sign. She will get up soon right.
“I was about to say the exact thing, Seth.” Edward said to me. He needs to know that it is extremely annoying to say what someone is thinking. “I didn’t say what you was thinking.” Tammy’s fingers twitched again and them they curled into a fist. She has felling in her arms and her eyes are moving, so what’s next? I asked myself right before her toes curled.
“Edward, I never thought I would hear myself say this, can you tell me what she is thinking right now?” I asked him completely wanting to know what is going on in her head.
“She wants pizza and coke and then she wants to go back into the forest by the beach and wait for her special orange and black wolf. Now that part sounds interesting.” Edward teased in the ending.
“is that really what my sister is thinking about in her unconscious state?” Embry asked him.
“Really that is one of her really disturbing thoughts. By the way, she wants a lot of things when she gets up so I think you should start to get them.” Edward said with a smile on his face. Whatever she wanted was really funny to him.

Tammy POV

I wonder what those annoying voices outside my head was talking about and who wanted what. Why was that person talking about my orange wolf? How did he know I wanted a pizza and coke? Well I wanted to give him a piece of my mind if only I could move and talk out loud. I tightened my fists and forced my eyelids to open. They felt like sand was thrown under my eyelids as they dragged themselves open. When they were finally open everything was white.
I mean oh for the love of god take off the damn light please it hurts my eyes. I thought to myself shaking my head from side to side. When my eyes finally adjusted to the lighting, and I could see the dark figures clearly, they were Embry, Dale and two other guys. Now they both show up together, but why is this one staring at me like that? I asked myself. He really needs to be told that his staring is actually starting to creep me out.
“She thinks that you’re staring at her a little awkwardly and it is creeping her out.” The golden hair one said. It was as if he was reading my thoughts.

Damn my body still pains.
I think I will just lie here a little while longer in peace hopefully, I thought closing back down my eyes and going to sleep. Sleep is good. My body was telling me to sleep but it is also telling me to drink but I don’t know what I am thirsty for.
Water Edith she will drink water when she gets up lol
I will not even study the two of you with that talk now

anyway anyway Edith tell Andromeda I coming on her rp in a while but I have to catch up first ok
WHAT THE F*****!!!!!!! DON'T TELL ME TAMMY'S GONNA CHANGE INTO A VAMPIRE!!!!!!! I need to read more.....
Chapter Six cont'd

Seth Pov

I turned to look back at Tammy and I saw crystal blue eyes, the color of the sky, staring up at me. Oh my God. Tammy opened her eyes. They weren’t red; so she isn’t a vampire. Tammy is a human. Thank God. That means Edward did suck all the venom out of her in time.
But wasn’t her eye color the same as Dale’s. Dark brown not blue. What the hell was going on? How could you go to sleep with brown eyes and wake up with blue? She closed her eyes and went back to sleep. Why did she go back to sleep?
“She is still tired and she can’t move.” Edward said, reading my thoughts again.
“But she just woke up. Edward why is her eyes that color?” I asked him. I needed answers about that before I get my hopes up.
“What was the color of her eyes?” Dale asked from behind Embry. I almost forgot that they were in the room as well.
“They were crystal clear blue.” I replied, looking at her sleeping, “The Tammy I remembered had dark brown eyes exactly like yours.” And now she has blue eyes that were hypnotic and beautiful at first sight.

“Blue?” Embry and Dale said at the same time causing me to jump out of my line of thoughts.
“What kind of vampire has blue eyes?” Dale asked. I was about too trample him when Edward placed his hand in front of me.
“I don’t think she is a vampire. Well fully a vampire.” Edward said to him. Mister know-it-all say what? Is he crazy? I knew someday I would meet a crazy vampire and today is that day. Edward was whack. How the hell could she not be a full vampire? “I resent that. I am not crazy and the reason why I said that is because I think the venom was already changing her when I sucked it back out. So certain things about her are changed.” I blinked not once but twice.
“My daughter is a vampire?” Dale asked sounding as if he might drop down at any minute. Well he’s going to have a heart attack, Tammy is a vampire, I imprinted on her and Embry is going to kill me after all this is over. My life has just become absolutely perfect. Well at least Jared won his bet. I did imprint on a different girl. Well Tammy is different in a very special way.
“Technically speaking, No, but she does smell a lot like Nessie now.” Edward said half smiling at Embry and Dale.

“So she is a half breed as well?” Embry finally asked something. I thought he went mute a while ago.
“Can we stop talking about the possibilities of Tamika turning out to be a vampire until she gets back up?” I snapped. “At least we know she isn’t red eyed like when Bella first opened her eyes. So let’s just give it a rest because I am starting to get a head ache, trying to work out all this in my head.”
I turned and started towards the door when I heard a faint voice say, “There isn’t such things as vampires so could you really keep it down I am trying to sleep over here.” I snapped my head in the direction of the bed to see Tammy’s lips moving but her eyes were still closed. She could hear what we were talking about?
“Yes I could hear you and for the love of God people think about something nice like the beach.” She said out loud again and all of a sudden I was thinking about the beach. Now that was weird. It was like she was hearing my thoughts and now she is changing it to whatever she wants.
“Tammy stop thinking about the beach please.” Edward said and then everything was back to normal. I had my thoughts on whatever I wanted it to be.

“Edward, will that be her powers?” I asked him. I think I was more excited than scared that only vampires have special gifts like that. I thought it was cool being able to make people think what you want them to.
“Seth, you never strike me as a dumb fellow, but, yes, I think that is her powers.” He replied to me and Dale and Embry were still looking dumbfounded. I waved my hand in front of Embry’s face and he grabbed my hand.
“I maybe shocked but I am not blind Seth.” Embry said, releasing my hand. He turned and walked over to Tammy’s bed. He started to stroke her hair the exact way he does to Becka. I think Embry needs a wake up call.
“Embry this isn’t Becka. So you needs to stop doing that.” I said to him with a rather angry tone than I normally will use.
“I have a right to comfort my sister.”
“You never wanted her here in the first place and now you want to baby her up.”
“Seth you don’t want to go there. She is my responsibility and why am I even having this conversation with you. Just because of you I had to lie to her and make her feel like she was going mad. You really need to grow up, Seth.” Embry snapped at me and the most unbelievable thing happened.
“Will you shut up already?” Tammy snapped at all of us getting up and sitting on the edge of the bed. “I am sick of it in here. I can’t catch a damn break with the two of you arguing over a stupid thing like that. Whatever it was just forget it okay.”

Tammy got off the bed and walked straight out the door.
“Edward where the hell is she going?” Dale asked him. I still couldn’t believe that she got off the bed and walked away.
“She is sitting on the step crying. She is really shaken up and her body is really weak still but she is doing this out of stress and anger.


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