The Twilight Saga

This is my Renesmee Story! Hope you like it!










Jacob was the one person who I was meant to be with.

He Imprinted on me.

So shouldn't it feel that way?

Fate has brought me to him...

But is it what I really want?



Link to sequel, In A Heartbeat:

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Hope you all liked it!! :DDD
Loved it! I knew that was what Jake was hiding from her. I'm so glad that he decided that he does want to marry her soon after all. :) Update soon.
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for more!!!! They're getting married!!!! =D
LOVE IT!! you should throw nuheual against more walls :)
lol, I agree.
AWwwwwwesome I want more
Hahaha, poree nahuel...i kinda feel bad for the sleezy son of a... (;
lol i was cracking up when i threw nahuel against the wall.. :DD
But i dont feel bad for him.. he kissed the future fiance of JACOB BLACK!
BTW he isnt going to propose for another four or five chapter ! :D
Thanks for reading, updating tomorrow!
I love it, it's impossible not to like it
I LOVED THIS CHAPTER! HAHA! I also 'cracked up laughing' when Renesmee ... yeah.
Of course! Who wouldn't fall in-love with her? She is just so pretty! (The visual image of her in my head..) ...Lol.
Wait.. Is Nahuel from Twilight? Or did you just.. make him up? Maybe i missed it in there... but.. yeah? >_>
He's a good CHARACTER, not a good personality, but the story needs a person like him ^_^ ....=)
Nahuel is from breaking dawn he's half vampire half human like nessie


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