The Twilight Saga

This is my Renesmee Story! Hope you like it!










Jacob was the one person who I was meant to be with.

He Imprinted on me.

So shouldn't it feel that way?

Fate has brought me to him...

But is it what I really want?



Link to sequel, In A Heartbeat:

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more soon
i expect more when i come on tomorrow after school LOL :)
:O ! no new chapter ? i was really looking forward to it ! :'( x
so sorry i didnt post yesterday... i couldnt think of anything to write and i was reading my book all day(;
i WILL ppost today[;
Sorry its so short! It's all I had time to write(;

Chapter Twenty

Today is Friday. One day until my birthday. I was anxious. I wasn't really sure why, I kknew I was ready to finally be an adult to my family. Everybody probably all ready knows about what had happened between Jake and I. But I've tried to put the confrontation between my parents behind me. Live in the present. No regrets.
I slept next to Jake last night, in his bed. Nothing happened last night, though. Only sleeping.
Right now, we were sitting on his couch, watching some boring cooking show. I wasn't really watching it. I was wondering how my party was going to turn out.
I grabbed Jake's hand and squeezed it, "So... What exactly did you plan for my birthday?"
He was shaking his head before I finished, "You're not going to get it out of me. You'll just have to wait and see."
I thought for a minute. A smile crept to my lips.
I pushed Jake down onto his back and towered over him, "Please, tell me?" I said in a small voice that sounded like it belonged to a young child.
He pursed his lips, "Nuh-uh."
Fine. I cupped my hand to his cheek and bent down to kiss him one gentle kiss. I raised my eyebrows, "Please?"
He sat up, pulling me with him. He put his lips by my ear and whispered, "No."
"I tried."
"Not hard enough. But I appreciate the effort." He chuckled.
"You know, I'll be an adult tomorrow.. Officially..." I trailed off when Jake smiled.
His smile quickly faded when there was a rap on the door.
Knock. Knock. Knock.
We glanced at eachother, then got up and walked to the door.
Jacob opened the door to find Tanya, Kate, Carmen and Eleazar.
"Oh.. My.. God!" I screamed, embracing them all. "What are you doing here?"
"We wouldn't miss your birthday, Renesmee. My have you grown. Your parents said we could find you here. What are you doing here? They didn't go into detail." Kate said.
"I actually live here. Well, for a few days anyways."
Their mouths gaped open as they took that in. They must have thougt my parents were crazy for letting me move in with my boyfriend. Sigh. Boyfriend... not fiance... not husband. Boyfriend.
I leaned against Jake and grabbed his hand.
"W-Why did you move... here?" Tanya asked. "It's so small compared to Carlisle and Esme's."
"I know, but I was fed up with listening to my parents go on and on about rules and I didn't have anywhere else to go. We almost got engaged. I ruined it though." Another sigh.
"Engaged?" Carmen spoke this time, her voice like chimes. She was the one I was always jealous of.
"Yes. But we aren't... yet. We decided to wait a little longer so I didn't find out this time." I nudged Jake playfully and smiled.
He let go of my hand and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer into his side.
"Wow. Your only fo-" Tanya started.
I held up a finger to cut her off, "I'm seventeen. Mentally and... physically" I giggled.
"You didn't?" Tanya whispered.
I pursed my lips and blushed. "Yeah. We did."
"Ommigod! Nessie. You're too young for that." Kate said.
"Okay, I swear, the next person to say I'm too young is getting the door slammed in their face." I promised, dead serious.
"Okay. We should head back to the Cullen's house." Eleazar said.
He was gone in a flash and the others followed, except for Carmen.
"It was nice to see you again, Renesmee. See you again tomorrow." She kissed my cheek and darted into the woods.
I looked up at Jake and asked, "Do you want to go to my grandparents house? It's etting boring here anyways."
I walked to my car and slid behind the wheel, shoving the key into the ignition. I turned the key and the engine rumbled to life.
I back out of the driveway and took of down the road at eight miles an hour. Jacob was holding on for dear life as I swerved around corners. I was laughing the whole way.
When we arrived, Alice was waiting on the front porch.
"Hey, Alice." I greeted.
She smiled at me and grabbed Jacob by the arm and dragged him into the forest. Great.
I walked up to the door and peeked inside. A bunch of people were crowded into the living room, discussing the party. The room went silent when I walked in. All the wolves and vampires were here.
"Uh... Hi." I said, walking to the couch where Seth sat. "Hey, Seth. How've you been?"
"Great. It's nice to see you, Ness. I heard you and Jake-" My dad hissed before Seth could finish the sentence, but Seth was keeping back a laugh anyways.
All attention turned to me. I felt the blood rushing to my cheeks and I looked down at my hands in my lap. So everyone obviously knew now.
This was just what I needed. Everyone talking about my love life.
This was going to be a long brutal day. And just to make matters worse, Emmett was making his way through to the house to taunt me right know, I could feel it. He had to join in on the jokes. It was so Emmett.
hope you liked it.. The party is in the next CHAPPIE(;
YAY !!!!!
post soon
HAHA! Gotta love Emmett! I LOVED that chapter.. When ever you call a chapter short... I... feel like I'm missing something here.. Because that chapter (correction.. NONE of your chapters) is/are not SHORT! I loved it! It was brilliant.. I could imagine the whole thing in my head (as always ..duh.) SOO glad you wrote more! :D Can't wait for more! Heh-heh
I can't wait for the next chapter.
I need to know what happens next
It's awesome
Love it, as usual
XD ! awesome as always !! can't wait until you post next !! (: x
Hey i love ur story i just have one question. i thought one of the sisters (tanyas clan) got killed by the volturi in the first battle w/ renesme?? correct me if im wrong but thats what i thougt
Ya it was Kate
great chapter cant wait for the next !


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