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i think just like the way stephanie meyer made a book for bree, she should make one for jacob and nessie i really would like to see how their love grows for one another and what happenes with their life. what do you guys think and if we have enough people who say yes to this maybe stephanie meyer might make one:D

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I think she should deffinately its been well wanted.
Hey guys! I would also love for Stephanie Meyer to write a book on Renesmee and Jacob. There are so many questions about them and how their relationship will develop when Renesmee is all grown up! A lot of fans would love to read such book; in the meantime Ive found a great FF written by a member here from the saga, Yianna Yiannacou, which is mostly on Renesmee and Jacob! She has written 3 books as her own ideas of how they would have continued and it's awesome! Check out her page:

Hope you enjoy it!


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