The Twilight Saga

                                   Chapter 2

        As soon as I got into the cabin, Keiro's cabin was a wreck. The table was trashed over and the windows were shattered. I walked around, barely believing what I was seeing.  The smell of blood lingered in the air, making my stomach growl.

"Oh Keiro, where are you?" I whined

His shirt lay on the floor ripped and cutted up. Seems like this werewolf was big. Why didn't I just stay with him in the cabin? Why did Brother  Jeremiah have to come to see me? If only I had just stayed with Keiro, wrapped in his arms inhaling his scent. Everything would have  been perfect. Who knew wherew keiro was now. I could just picture him. Bleeding and moaning. There wasa sudden movement to the room which alerted me. I looked around opening my Third Eye.

"Keiro? Is that you, love?" I said

"No its me your father" a vioce spoke

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Nice. Are you writing more?

yes, later on


Yes, I'll see to it.

I added chapter 3

cool.r u gonna rite more?

Cool... This is awesome.. You should write more...

... ok seems pretty good, but she has a 3rd eye and wts this about her father lol :P

do you ahve to always be mean. Just raed the fuing story to find out.


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