The Twilight Saga

                   Chapter 3

    "My father?" I was shocked. Mum had told me, dad had died a few years ago. But he's alive? that's impossible.

Dad sat on the sofa pouring himself a glass of wine "Yes, my child. Your mother has lied to you children. I was attacked a few years ago by a werewolf. You might be thinking there is no such thing as a werwolf. But there is."

"So if you are my father, then whose the guy with my mother?" I asked.

Dad ran a hand through his hair. "I dont know"

"YES YOU DO KNOW!!!!" I shrieked.

Dad seemed impressed by my loud voice. I bared my fangs at him. He didn't give a damn at all.

"Valerie, I had no choice" Dad declared

"What do you mean?" I asked

Dad looked at me, his tiger eyes not shining anymore"I had no choice, but to kill Keiro"




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..... why would he do that....? :S

awwww, so sad..

well, im going to post chap. 4 up


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