The Twilight Saga

                      Chapter 6       

      I sat down by the fire that had burned out and cried. Cried for my mo, my siters, my dad, and Keiro. How could this have happened? can't be a Midnight Goddess. His parents were all avmpires, no one had werwolf blood in them, or did they? My head hurt just by thinking. I had to go get something to cool me down.


I sat on the sidewalk drinking liqour. The winter moon hung high in the sky, like a freezer. My legs were shivering and I held onto myself from getting a frostbite. I cried drinking and smoking at the same time. suddenly fottsteps casted a shadow across the sidewalk. I slowly rose up, my fingers giong for my dagger. Taking it out, I spuna round and pressed it against my attackers neck. there was a squeak and, a choked gasp.

"Dante?" I said in bewilderment.

Dante was my youngest sister and the family's family. She was also a big mouth let me say that.

"What are you doing?" I snapped

She rubbed her neck which was turning a little pink."I was looking for you. Mum was pretty worried that you weren't home yet. So I crept out to find you. Here you are, drinking, smoking, and crying." Dante snarled

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