The Twilight Saga

                                                Chapter 1

                No one believed me. My parents thought I was normal. Everyone thought so. But not at all times it could be true. I put on my black hood and walked into the forest. Rumors have spread that vampires ruled the forest. Yes, I believe it. You see, I used to be a normal 18 year old but it all  changed when I fell in love with a vampire called Keiro. Keiro has curly black hair and almond brown eyes. He's 6'7 and he has dark black wings. At night he would come to my room and take me for a ride but I heard that a werewolf had hurten him.  So today I'm giong to see him. But waht I didn't know as that a deathly surprise was waiting for me in his cabin.


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I really like it. It sounds intresting. I would love to read more of this story.
It sounds like a good story. You should continue!
I like it. Write more please.
sounds really good id like to
wat is this deathly suprise?...

Just wait effiola



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