The Twilight Saga

you must watch the you belong with me jacob black remix on youtube.

it is awesome

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i cant copy and paste on this computer. it is my sisters. she messed it all up
I've seen it and its hilarious. I thought it was crazily genious and a coincedence that jake is Taylor L and the song iz by Taylor Swift and they just broke up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lolz. yeah
i didn't know they were a couple. . . .were they?. . . i don't think they were. . .
Ive seen the video. I loved it. lol. i actualy went on my playlist and looked up the song and they had it now i have it on my play list. if u ever go on my profile it will be the first song that plays lol
thats awesome dnt mind if I take it do you?
i saw it!!! omg! its brilliant


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