The Twilight Saga

                                             Chapter 1

         The boy shrugged into his coat. The winter sun glowed a crisp blue like a vampires skin color. He admired himself in the mirror. Dark red-brown hair and emerald green eyes. His brother was in the kitchen drinking a blood packet. The boy walked over to his dresser taking out his mahogony box. In there layed a golden necklace. Opening the latchet, he sighed. His soulmates face shown as beautiful as a rose. Her strawberry-blonde hair layed so perfectly by her slim shoulders and her sapphire eyes gleamed.

     Peering over to see if his brother was downstiaris he touched the pendant kissing her photo

" Oh Kaitlyn, if only you were still alive. I would embrace you in my arms and inhale your scent" he cried softly.

He remembered 100 years ago, when his mother brought Kaitlyn in. All bloody and her clothes teared apart. He held onto her the whole four hours even when she died. The last word she had said was his name. The boy inhaled deeply and put the necklace away.

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thats sad...but it has a good title

sure, I'll write more

I like it. Write more.


sure, I'll write more

Thanks for liking it, I'll rite chapter 2 later. I'm working on a story called

ill post this chapter in the discussion i made as the story with the prologue okay......

here is the link to the discussion


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