The Twilight Saga

A story about Nessie and Jake....I might add up a fight with some Vampires and other werewolves around the globe.....Just hope you'll like it...
Add some chapters if you guys want.... I'll just be waiting in the wings to try and add some more....You know what they say More heads are better than one.

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Well. . . for starters I didn't want to get involved in a girl's night out. . . I was never the kind to party, I'm mostly like my mom. . .  But since I couldn't object to Granma Esme and Aunt Rosalie I decided to seal my fate. 

"So, where're we going?" I asked. 

Please write more its getting really good.

Sorry for posting really late. . . I'm kind of thinking of taking this story to and there I'll fix it. . . I'm now copying the previous Chapters I've posted and will edit it on my computer. . . Thanks for commenting :) Would you like to read a new vamp story? Just follow me on blogger or twitter @akoxiiCUTE or add me on facebook. . . . I'd really like an audience. . . thanks again. :)

Uhm . . . I'll be working on this on my computer and I'll send you an ebook when I finish. . . sound good?? :) I mean. . . it is going to take a while but I'll email you when I finish a chapter when I can get online. . . internet is scarce from where I live. . . In the meantime could you read my story HEIR? It's on and Just type Daybreak trilogy book 1 Heir Ge Marquez. . . I'd really appreciate it. . . It's also on wattpad by Bookitten. . . 

Hey . . . to those who contributed something in this story . . . I'll be needing your real names please :) I'm going to finish it on my computer and post it in Wattpad, on my blog, twitter and everywhere else. . . :D please msg me, .. Thanks :)

here's the link to this Story. . . EDITED. . . :D heheheh. .. I call it HALF MOON. . . some other wolf claims that he has imprinted. . . . and on NESSIE! how will jake handle this?!

          The visitors left. It was fast losing their scent inside the house. I looked at Jake. Hmm. . . He looks. . .pissed. Why? Hmmm. . . I hadn't done anything. Dad hasn't. my Aunts? nope. What?
          Oh shoot! Luke kissed my hand!
Dad chuckled. I grumbled.
          "Hey Jake," I said.
          "What?" he said in a quivering voice. "you okay?" He inhaled deeply and then let go of the air when he said "I'm fine."
          "Are you mad?" I asked.
He smiled a bit. "A bit, but 'ss okay." he answered. At least his anger was gone. I think.


          "I'm back!" Aunt Alice shouted. Her voice echoed in my head, it sent chills down my spine. I shivered. She brought back a dozen or two boxes of shoes and shopping bags. I gulped. This was going to be a long night.

          I moved closer to whisper at Jake's ear. "Do you have any idea how to deal with an Aunt who hunts you down for a runway show?" I was hoping for an encouraging answer to escape. But, he just said "Oh, c'mon Nessie. Are you seriously going to waste all of this?" I closed my eyes in horror and then moaned.

          As usual Dad chuckled. Argggh!

          "Nessie!" A beautiful female velvet voice called out. "Nessie!"

          "What is it Aunt Rosalie?" I called back. She then came in the living room.

          "Oh, there you are." She smiled. Her sparkling smile almost melted me. "Say, Esme and I are going to Seattle. And, I was wondering if you and Bella would come." she said. Hope then finally came. I was going to live!

          "But, Nessie was going to have a runway show." Aunt Alice complained.

          "We can always do things like this on. . .certain. . .times. . ." I mumbled. "Hmmmp," she huffed. "Just not today." . .

          "But, I. . ." I sighed. "I promise. . .we'll do this. . .Later." Oh, I did not want to say that.

          "Great!" Aunt Alice smiled. She was full of spirit again. Though, that promise is not pleasant. Nu-uh, nope, not a bit. I gotta plan my escape route.

          "So, it's settled then. Let's go." Aunt Rosalie gladly said.

          "Well, what about Edward and the others?" Mom asked.

          "Actually, Bella. It's a girl's night out. Alice why don't you tag along too?" Esme added.

          "Sure," Aunt Alice said, all perky. Which also creeps me out sometimes. I shivered. So, anyway Girl's night out.   So, that means.

          "No, Jacob. We have other things to do here. If their having a girl's night out we're having a bachelor party." Dad muttered.

          "Uh-huh, Bachelor Party?" Mom said.

          "I knew you guys we're up to no good." Rosalie added.

          I chuckled under my breathe. Way to go, Dad! I thought as loudly as possible. Now, that's Karma for always snooping around my head.


          Well. . . for starters I didn't want to get involved in a girl's night out. . . I was never the kind to party, I'm mostly like my mom. . .  But since I couldn't object to Granma Esme and Aunt Rosalie I decided to seal my fate. 

"So, where're we going?" I asked. 

          "Shopping," Aunt Rosalie shrugged. I rolled my eyes, So much for the runway show. Dad chortled. You know, if I didn't love him I wouldn't strangled him already. I gave Dad a knowing look. He shrugged.           "That's my girl," he winked at me and I smiled.           "What? No party?" I complained.           "No silly," Aunt Alice hopped and put her hands on my shoulders from behind. "Too many people to sparkle, can't risk it."           "Yeah, and I don't like parties." Mom said. I almost said me too but held my tongue, a party would really do me good rather than shopping.           "Mom you hate shopping,"           "Yes but who said I didn't like to tag along?" she countered. Help.


The Girls had left about twenty minutes and I am so in trouble. I know this well... because you know... Edward gave me that creepy grin that suggests that I should phase and get the hell outta here. I slowly crept to the front door only to be blocked by the big one, Emmett. I groaned as he gave me a wicked grin. I spin around and find Edward in front of me. Real Swell, I breathed.

"So, whatd'ya planning?" I asked. The blonde one shrugged. "Nothing,"

"We'd just thought we'd mess around with the newest member of the family," Edward added. Really? I thought.

"So you approve of me?" I raised him an eyebrow.

"I didn't say that," Edward chuckled.

"We all do like your company, Jacob." Doc Fang added. HUh, never thought of that before. I always thought that the only Cullens that liked me were Bella and Nessie, I'd include Doc. Fang but that's about it.

"I don't particularly like you with my daughter to be honest, but uhm." Edward pursed his lips. "It's just that she's still young, so I'm kind of asking you for a favor, Jacob." Oh man, here it comes he's going to ask me to stay away from her. Nessie. I can't live with that. Hem chortled.

"I'm not asking you that Jacob, I'm just asking you to take it slow. You both have eternity together," he gave me a smile. I threw him a half grin and say.

"You know, you're a really sick in law,"

"I'll take that as a complement, I know you mean well."

"Well, how bout a couple of mountain lions?" Emmett boomed and the others laughed.

"Let's get a move on before Jacob devours them all," Jasper joked. As the vamps disappear in blurry speed I quickly phased into wolf mode and something hit me.

Hey Jake, some new packs in town. Embry said. Remember how I formed a new pack? Well, I have Embry, Quil, Seth nad Leah in it. Sam's on the other pack here in Forks.

What pack? Sam's pack? I sent.

Nu-uh man, these guys aren't from here. Quil added.

From what stupid state are they from? You think spirit warriors exist other than in La Push? I retorted.

For real Jake, these guy's aren't from here and their on town, literally thrashing the place. Seth added. That alarmed me and Edward swooped in as he heard my thoughts.

"Pack of Wolves," he snarled.

It's not us, I thought.

"I know, their in Forks we'd better stop them," Edward shouted.

Then let's go! I growled.


As soon as we got into Forks the fight was already on, the streets were already cleared of people, I'd guess there's a few deaths but what scares me most is we're exposing our true nature in public. I growled, a black and white wolf roared at me.

You the Chief? I sent.

Yes. he answered.

What the hell are you doing on my land?!  


Were hunting.

Hunting what?

Bloodsuckers, of course.

We have a treaty here with vamps. I make it my priority to see that's intact til I pass my write to my son. I growled.

I know about that treaty, they're not what I'm after.

Then who?

The wolf thought of a picture, a girl, brown hair and brown eyes. I howled as I recognize Nessie's face.

What'dyou want with her?! I barred my teeth and crouched down low, ready to pounce. The wolf huffed and ran for the woods, I ran after him in my rage. What the hell do they want with my Nessie?  

When we reached the woods the wolf phased to human. I'm startled to see a boy, about Seth's age or older. He had the same tanned skin as me, same cropped hair. He was handsome, I have to admit with a devilish side in him. I phased back to human and glare at him openly.

"What d'you want from her?" I sneered, not too soon Edward, Emmett, Jasper and Carlisle are behind me, along with the Wolf from of my pack without Leah. The boy chuckled and ignored my question first. "Can you hear him, Edward?" I asked. 

"He's not thinking, his head's blank." he hissed, figured Daddy Ed already filled in the gaps of the telepathic conversation I had with this chump.

"Where is she? I'm excited of the fact that I'm going to meet her and see her again," he gave a sly grin. Two wolves were behind him now, a white one and a dark chocolate one.

"Again? You've met?" that caught me off guard.

"No, I have seen her though. Actually, I've imprinted on her." my jaw fell wide open and I knew he's lying.


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