The Twilight Saga

A story about Nessie and Jake....I might add up a fight with some Vampires and other werewolves around the globe.....Just hope you'll like it...
Add some chapters if you guys want.... I'll just be waiting in the wings to try and add some more....You know what they say More heads are better than one.

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Renesmee p.o.v.

i cant believe I'm a full vampire off all the things that could happen
this happens. . . not that i wasn't grateful for it but
i really thought i was going to die
my mind was going all over the place spinning with questions
i was unconscious for a while
but then it came to me my eyes were still shut
the memory came so clear of me as a baby not so long
i remember
my family
defending me from the volturi
and how they were surprised to c a half human half vampire
what really knocked the breath out of me when i realized what was happening to me
i remember
what actually saved me from dying
why i was still here. . .
the memory came clear when he started to explain when
i would reach full growth
new reader in love this is awsome post more soon

love ☮★♥alice+seth☮★♥
he said it would only take 7 years i never really paid attention to any of this
what difference did it make?? half vampire; full vampire it was all the same to me
i would still have what i loved
i was still unconscious but
for some reason i was able to think
its probably cuz of the transformation
momma said it would hurt
but i felt
peaceful actually almost as if i were floating in the sky
"Nessy, Nessy"?? i heard someone cry in a frightened voice
someone shook my arm
"yes" i replied in a slurred voice
i rolled over to the floor and realized i was still on the
hard sofa
surprisingly that didn't hurt
all i heard was a thump
WOW, Renesmee is a full vampire; OOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo plz go on!
Someone suddenly roared in laughter. I wonder who it was. In one blink of an eye, I was on the couch. Strange, I just fell out of it. My head hurt.
"Nessie, are you alright?" Jake asked on my side. I sniffed Jake to see if he stunk. Nothing, he smelled just fine. Rather than earlier.
"Am I a full vampire?" I asked. Jake wondered. The others started to laugh.
"Good shot there, Ryan." I shifted my gaze to the black haired man. Luke, as I could remember the name. I heard it earlier.
"Thanks, man." The one he complemented said. Ryan. The chocolate haired man, pale white skin, golden topaz eyes. I shook my head.
"What is this?" I asked Dad. He sighed.
"Honey, you're not really a full vampire. Ryan and Luke we're only testing their newly discovered powers." Dad explained. I moaned. And, I was so into the whole vampire thing. I pouted.
Wait WHAT.???!! Hurry and post please ii have 2 read what happens and what their powers are.!
The whole thing was all a set up! That's more of like the term I was searching for. Testing their powers didn't quite suit the situation. And, to think everything was going just the way I wanted it to, and poof. Just a test?
I heard Dad chuckle. I glowered at him. He fought to crack a smile, he knew I was mad, and yet...he finds it, utterly amusing.
Nessie is a full vampire?!!? mmmm i dont like it so much...

but they were really good chapters :D
Nessie can't be a full vampire unless she was bitten It's impossible!! the story was good until Nessie suddenly into a vampire............


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