The Twilight Saga

N's pov               i woke up on a sauterday morning felling sick my tummy felt werid so i went to my mom and said going to jakes she said be safe i know i know being part vamp is fun but that i'm brakable isn't come home by 11:00 she said ok so i got in my car and drove to the little quiliten store first and there i got a pregnece test and went to jakes and there was quil and embray  hi guys i said they said hi back whats rong jake said . i said nothing but we need to talk ok see you guys latter aww said quil and embray


j's pov            what rong? nothing just that i'm pregnet. what ? yes I know it's crazzy but it's true you are 18 so you can move out we can find a house and stuff NO! she said or shouted shhh i know your scared but it'll be ok my dad won't be happy though 


can you guys help me please

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Good so far.
I like it!!!
hey its very good but If you dont mind me saying, You need to use oeriods cause I dont know when somethin is stopping or starting......Thanks love the story


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