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Dawn of a New Day

Eclipse: Chapter 23: Monster-Chapter 26: Ethics

Bella chooses to go with Jacob and live her life as a human. However, the Cullens are still apart of her life. When the Volturi show up, demanding that Bella be changed, they are surprised to see a new alliance. The Cullens and the Wolfpack. This time the Volturi lose.

Oh, and also, Bree Tanner is still alive or as alive as she can be. She is now the newest member of The Cullen Coven.

I think that's a pretty good plot outline if I do say so myself. How about you?


The prologue is just a little explanation. The story starts off during Jacob and Bella's first real kiss. During Eclipse: Chapter 23: Monster: Page 528. Hope you enjoy!

Dawn of A New Day


They say true love is blind. And maybe some of that is true. But there’s one thing that can crash right through that barrier. Okay, two things. Friendship and family. I just can’t believe how long it took me to realize that. Though of course, I’ve never been in love with one person before, let alone two. So how should I know how love works? I guess I’m that naïve. Jacob once said that I lack self-knowledge. He is right. I do. It has taken me far too long to realize just how important he is to me. Now I know he is my whole world. Along with his family and friends, my family and friends.

Chapter 1:
Monstrous Decision

“I love you, Bella,” he murmured.
“I love you, Jacob,” I whispered brokenly.
“Kiss me, Jacob. Kiss me, and then come back.”
And Jacob misunderstood.

Why wasn’t I stopping this? Worse than that, why couldn’t I find it in myself even the desire to want to stop? What did it mean that I didn’t want him to stop? That my hands clung to his shoulders, and liked that they were wide and strong? That his hands pulled me too tight against his body, and yet it was not tight enough for me?
The questions were stupid, because I knew the answer: I’d been lying to myself.

Jacob was right. He’d been right all along. He was more than just my friend. That’s why it was so impossible to tell him goodbye- because I was in love with him. Too. I loved him, much more than I should, but was it enough? Was it enough to change anything? Or was it just enough to hurt us more?
Yes, I decided. Not yes, it was only enough to hurt us more. But yes, it was enough to change anything. He was enough. No, not was. He is enough. For now anyway. For now, he is my whole world. Or at least my own personal space heater/sun.
How long has it been since we were like this? 5 seconds, 20. A minute, an hour. A whole year. I decided it didn’t matter. I wanted, needed, to be right here. I could stay like this forever and never let go. Well, not forever and I would have to let go eventually to breathe. We both would. But long enough to become glued to his lips permanently.
There’s that word again. Enough. I really need to become unglued right now.
It was like we were one person. His pain was always my pain. Now his joy was my joy. Almost tangible. Like an earthbound sun, he once reminded me of. Whenever someone was in his gravitational pull, Jacob warmed them. Who knew that phrase could be more literal than it let on?
For one brief, never-ending second, an entirely different path expanded behind the lids of my tear-wet eyes. As if I was looking through the filter of Jacob’s thoughts. I could see exactly what I would’ve given up, exactly what this new self-knowledge would save me from losing. I could see Charlie and Renee mixed into a strange collage of Billy and Sam and La Push. I could see years passing, and meaning something as they passed, changing me. I could see the enormous red-brown wolf that I love, always standing as my protector if I needed him. For the tiniest fragment of that second, I saw the bobbing heads of two small, black-haired children, running away into the familiar forest. When they disappeared, they took the vision with them.
And then, quite distinctly, I felt the yearning along the fissure line in my heart for that collage to happen in reality.
Well there you go. I have more. I'll post ASAP. I promise. See you there!

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hmm........ okie!
that would be a good story to read!!
i think its a good idea
u should write
or if u want i can write it for u
u can check out one of my story
on my
or as a discussion {team edward}
ope like it
<333 jasmine
Oooo ii can't wait til yhu write the nxt part add me n keep me updated please.!
keep writing its good
lovin it, Ive always thought it should end with Jacob and bella bein together, and this is great!!
this is real good!!when are you going to write more?
Hey guys. So sorry. I will be back with more. I promise.
I LOVED IT!! Im a huge fan of Jacob/Bella stories so Im super excited!!!

Here is some more. I'm so sorry for bailing on you.


And then, quite distinctly, I felt the yearning along the fissure line in my heart for that collage to happen in reality.

Jacob's lips were still before mine. I opened my eyes and saw he was staring at me with wonder and elation.

"I have to leave," he whispered.


He smiled, pleased by my response. "I'll be right back," he promised. "But one thing first."

He bent to kiss me again. Only this time, I savored it. I tried to hold on to it as best as I could.

This kiss was different. His hands were soft on my face and his warm lips were gentle, unexpectedly hesitant. It was brief and very, very sweet.

His arms curled around me and he hugged me securely while he whispered in my ear.

"That should have been our first kiss. Better late than never."

Against his chest, where he couldn't see, the tears welled up and spilled over.

"I'll be right back." He turned around and started running full tilt to the clearing, already quivering as he prepared to shift to his other self.

Shift. Something I'll never be able to do.

That's the first half of this chapter. How will Edward react when Bella tells him she doesn't want to be a vampire anymore? Stay tuned to find out.

new reader! i love it!


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