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    I knew Bella as a child. We used to hang out all the time. Then her mom and dad divorced and I only saw her over the summer when she came to visit Charlie, her dad. Over the years she stopped coming though. I only felt as though I had lost a friend. I got over it and made new ones. Just yesterday I heard she was coming back. Charlie told Billy that her mom was getting remarried and that Bella thought it best to move back here for a while. All these feelings came flooding back. How we used to make mud pies together and when we got older we would walk on the beach together. I could not, could I? It's not possible. Everytime I heard Charlie speaking of Bella I became more tuned into his conversation or I got a weird feeling in my stomach. But still there was no possible least I don't think there is. A few days later Charlie drove up to my house. I was not sure what he was doing here at first. Usually he calls before coming over but this visit was a surprise. I quickly understood why.


"Billy, Jake open up it's Charlie."


I struggeld off of my old worn down couch and opened the door. "Hiya Charlie...." She was just the way I remembered her, only more beautiful. I stood there, mouth gaping open for a second.


"Bella! Its been too long. Come in, come in." Billy said rollling in his weelchair to the door.


"Jake are you going to let me by or just keep standing there like a..."


I quickly cut Charlie off "No, no. Um. Sorry, I just..." I moved out of his and Bella's way. I could feel my face turning red and turned quickly.


"Im just kidding with you boy. No need to get all worked up."


"Right" I said almost unaudible.


:"Well." Billy said. "Are you going to say hi or just keep standing there?"


I quickly cleared my throat, feeling myself blushing again. "Hi Bella."


"Hi." she responded. At that moment i realized all these years I had been lying to myself. I was in love with Isabella Swan...





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Hey guys, just letting you know I got a violation warning. I have been using some profanity, which is not allowed on this site. If I do it again I could be ban from this site. From now on, I will make sure to use *'s in place of typing the actual word. For instance, S***, lol. So anyway, sorry if I ever offended anyone, but I won't do it again. XOXO -Ash
sometimes those warnings can be a pain!! lol
seriously? they did tht to me but all i wrote was om*g
Yea, I've been using sexual language and cuss words, but they just sent something to me about it today. They saw the word S*** and send me a warning. I think it's stupid. I understand that the're are younger people on here, but they have obviously already read the books, which have sexual stuff and cuss words....
I guess people's minds haven't matured yet, lol!
No matter how many times I told myself that it wasn't true, I couldn't think of another explanation. It explained why Embry had avoided Quil and I for so long. It explained why he said that we wouldn't understand. Embry was probably out of school for so long because he was trying to understand what was going on himself. I knew he was hiding something, I just didn't know it was something this....big. I'm still a little confused though, Why did he go to Sam for help? Also, why did he say I would understand soon, maybe sooner than he had thought at first? Was I? No, I couldn't be. Charlie finally came back with a cup of water in one hand and a plate with pizza in the other.

"I got you pepperoni." He said handing me the plate.

"Thanks, Charlie." I struggled to prop myself up. I finally did though, and took the plate from him. He waited until I got a bit more settled to hand me the water. "Thanks." I said, taking the water from him. I chugged half of it and set the glass down on the table next to me.

"How ya holding up?" Charlie asked sitting at the edge of my bed.

"Good, I guess. I just want to get out of here."

"I think they're letting you out tomorrow. You're not too badly hurt. Just a minor concussion, but they say you should get your memory back pretty soon." He said the last part eyeing me suspiciously. "So, uh, have you gotten any of it back yet?"

"Not really. All I remember is Embry and I going to look for Bella because she had gone outside. We couldn't find her so we split up. I guess whenever I found her some guy just...hit us." I told him what Embry had told me happened, unsure of what other lie I could tell him. I couldn't tell if Charlie knew I was lying or not, though. He had known me all my life, so I was afraid he would realize. Luckily, he didn't.

"So why did Bella go outside by herself in the first place?"

"She was upset. See, Embry had been mad at Quil and I for three weeks, or so. She told us to leave him alone and that he would talk to us again when he wanted to. We didn’t listen to her. We went to talk to Embry and she went outside because she was mad at me."

"Right. It seems as if you made up though." Charlie said. He must have seen Embry here earlier.

"Yea. That's why we went looking for her. Embry wanted to tell her that he was sorry for how he had been acting." Charlie looked a little confused. "He was kind of rude to her."

"Oh, okay."

"Yea. I remember going outside and splitting up to find her, but the rest is just...blank." I said staring at the floor. I hadn't touched my pizza yet. I picked up one of the slices and took a bite.

Charlie looked at me for a second. "It'll be back by morning." He said. The tone he used was more like he wasn't hoping or telling me that to make me feel better, it was more like a fact, like he knew it was coming back now, but I was lying. Maybe he didn't believe my lie after all.

"I hope so." I said casually, taking another bite of my pizza. I knew I couldn't lie much longer. I had to talk to Embry and tell him I knew. I needed to find out the story he told everyone else so that I could go along with it. My only fear is that Bella will remember what happened before Embry or I get to tell her to the lie. I don't want her making up her own because our stories wouldn't match up. It would cause a lot of suspicion.

"I should be going." Charlie said, interrupting my train of thought.


"Your dad is still in the Cafeteria, I think. I'm going to go let him know I'm heading out."

"Okay." I responded again. Charlie stood up and left the room. I needed to talk to Embry. My dad came in about twenty minutes later. As soon as he rolled into the room I said, "Dad, we need to talk."

He shut the door. "I know." He went silent. I didn't want to be the one to break it, so I waited for him to say something. "Embry told me what really happened."


"We'll talk about the whole werewolves and vampires thing later. First, I need to tell you what you're to say happened."


"So, you and Embry went separate ways. You went off to the right and he went to the left. You were in the student parking area where you spotted Bella. You guys made up and as you were walking back to the dance, someone hit you from behind."


"We only say from the back because we don't want you to have to give a description of a fake car and person."

"Right, that makes sense, but how did we get a concussion if the person came from behind? Wouldn't our legs be the only thing...." I trailed off.

"Well, you could have gone up on the hood of the car and then fallen off or something."

"Yea, I guess so. I guess that would work."

"Good. Bella is still really out of it. I don't think she's remembered anything yet. She may not ever remember it actually. There was more damage done to her than you."

"Yea, I know."

It was getting late so my dad went home. Before the left, though, he told me that he would tell Embry I remembered everything and that I wanted to talk to him. I needed more rest, so as soon as he left I shut my eyes. I was so tired and I was hoping that I would fall asleep fast, I didn't though. Images from the night before kept flashing through my head. I finally fell asleep, but there were many interruptions throughout the night. I kept waking up for some reason and then it would take forever for me to fall back to sleep. When I woke in the morning my dad was waiting for me. He had already filled out all the paperwork and everything else that needed taking care of. When it was time to leave a nurse wheeled a wheelchair into my room.

"What's that for?" I asked eyeing it.

"It's for you."

"I don't need it."

"Well, you can't really use crutches because your arm is broken." She explained. "It might be a little difficult."

"I'll be fine." I said, getting out of the bed. I stood up only to realize I could barely put any weight on my leg. Great. I rather limp around with this huge cast on my leg than be in a wheelchair. I felt a little bad about this, though. Demanding to not sit in it for two weeks, while my dad was stuck in one for the rest of his life. "Could I try the crutches?"

"Sure. Be right back." When the nurse returned with the crutches I tried walking around with them. It was difficult, like she had said, but I could handle it.

"I'll use these."

"Are you sure?" She asked.

"Yea." I tried walking around with them some more to show that I found it easy. In reality, though, it was killing my armpits and my broken arm. I refused to be in a wheelchair though.

"Okaaay. You're all ready to go then." She said motioning to the door.

When my dad and I got home I went straight to my room. I needed more sleep. I slept horrible last night. I popped two painkillers into my mouth. That should help a little. I fell asleep quickly this time. When I woke back up the sun was setting. I had been asleep at least ten hours. Dang. I went downstairs to find Embry sitting on my couch with my dad. "Hey." I said.

They both turned around. My dad looked back and forth at Embry and I. "I'll just be...somewhere else." He rolled out of the living room and into the kitchen.

"So, you needed to tell me something?"
Thanks! I'll update again tonight if I have time.


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