The Twilight Saga

why hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D i watched the newest twilight film and i cried... haha :)

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I also did too esp when the scene when he was outside crying and mad because the baby was killing her inside.

And amytime Billy was upset and said He would stand by his son no matetr what. I LOVE GIL!!!!


yeah haha wheb Bella "died" i was trying not to cry, but when jake started, i couldnt control my self

OMG! I did too! I have watched it twice so far and now I can't watch it until it comes put on DVD which sucks cause they don't even have a release date yet! I bet that the stores are going to need to buy plenty of copies cause we are dedicated fans of Twilight... The saddest part was when Jacob cried and my favorite part was Jacob leaving the pack because it was so intense and I had my jaw on the ground!

i didnt see it as sad she woke up with a baby!!  shes a blood sucking demon now but prettier i guess it evens out beauty is power!!!!!!!!!

Awww heard it was sad

OMJ! I GOT IT ON DVD!!!!! <33333333333333333333333!

I had to stay in line for 2 hours at midnight on February 11th to get it... so worth it ♥

oh hahaha i got it on easter


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