The Twilight Saga

okay everyone who has ever met me has told me that i am obsessed with twilight and/or taylor lautner but i dont think so. i have 6 shirts that are twilight themed and 3 with pics of jake/taylor on them and i have a book on taylor lautner the twilight saga new moon the movie companion a magazine called the sexy stars of new moon and i boght a new moon bag with jake on it plus i talk about twilight all the time and can recite scenes even the whole movie new moon.... so do yoou think im obsessed?

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Haha yeah kinda.. But hey, if it doesn't bother you, then there's no problem right? :p
this is obsession, im just like u
a bit but i know how it feels to be obsessed.i'm obsessed with john cena and everyone tells me that and ask me y i'm obsessed with him.
uhmm idk kinda i guess ... a lot of people i have met are more obsessed ... like u oviously LOVE him but it doesnt seem tht ur tht obsessed ?? :s


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