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Okay, so as many of you may have noticed, I have changed the profile picture. The picture comes from The Twilight Movie Companion and I got permission to use it. Hope you all enjoy it.
Peace, Love, Jacob,
Official Team Jacob Captain

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Why did you change the picture in the first place? What was wrong with the original drawing?
Many people didn't like the drawing. I am aware that some of you do so I will try to change the picture every few weeks or so to make it fair to all:)
well we cant really do that because we cant use a picture off of the internet
Well I kind of like the other picture better but I mean it's still good :)
I like Jacob because he very nice and very handsome and I have some photos my page ;)
ok i really do not like this picture like at all.... i know it is going to be hard to find a picture that everybody likes but can we change it again.....and i know it is going to be hard to find a picture that we have or can get permission to i came up with this idea.... its kinda lame but it might work.....ok so here it goes we have people draw a picture or maybe even a few then have them upload their drawing and we can like get the best pictures and then like have everybody in the team jacob group vote on the drawing that they like the best.......just let me know what you think........and soon please
Hey Team Captain! Just a question, but is there a way we can delete Jacob Haters of this Group? Some People are just plain rude and ignorant....

Just a Suggestion?!
i third????? that and i have been doing my best to not start being something that nobody wants to see me be and SHGCat and Cynthia Calderon have a good idae
I agree. No insults are being thrown at the other fan pages. Let's keep this clean, people :)


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