The Twilight Saga

Jake new dawn Chapter 1
Bella P.O.V

It’s been 50 year since I became a vampire. Watching Charlie, Renee and Billy die wasn ’t easy. If I could be able to cry I would cry for decade but in this state I couldn’t. Watching your family and friend passed wasn’t that easy.
Jacob is getting weaker and weaker each day. Well he is not a vampire, he is a warewolf.Warewolves can’t live forever.

No,no I can’t let him die.Nessie going to be upset and also their son.Nessie and Jake have been married for nearly 30 year.they got 2 son.Taylor Daniel Black and Austin Max Black.Taylor is 17 he look a lot like jake and max is 15, max got a mix of nesie and jake in him. They both got the gene of human, warewolf and vampire. They got heartbeat but it’s very fast , they couldn’t sparkle in the sunlight ,they could transform to a wolf ,they are very fast runner and very strong emmet love to challenged them because they usually have tie score. They also got to drink blood but not as much as we do, they could eat human food too.

Edward came to our room and caught me in my deep thought
What are you thinking love? Edward asked me in his velvet voice

I don’t know what should I tell him.i couldn’t tell what Im thinking to him.

I was just thinking…Nessie..”I answered him trying to make it real

Edward and I went to the Cullen house in our lighting speed. Everyone was there.Esme, Carlisle, Alice ,Rose,Em,Jasper,Jake,Nessie,Taylor and Max.When I saw jake,I know he look like he is 17 but inside he’s weak ,he caugh a lot he fell sick a lot of time.

Bella..? Edward said in an anxious tone

Yea ..

What happen? you look like you are thinking about something, and you better tell me right now
Bella cullen!

Thristy? Why are you keeping that a secret.

I want to be able to struggled without blood a longer day. I answer hoping he wouldn’t caught my lies

Jake ,can you go hunt with bella. Edward asked Jacob

Yea sure .. jake answered

Why did Edward asked Jacob,I will be more worried,he would she my worried face.why him?

Where are you going Edward? I ask Edward

Im going with alice and nessie to Seattle

What are you goint to do there?

I think you and jake so go now , I don’t like to see you struggling for temptation

Great he’s keeping a secret, I hate when he’s keeping a secret from me

After I caught a mountain lion I sat under the tree waiting for jake


Yea Jake..what’s up?

What are you thinking, you seem worried, what’s wrong bell?

No jake im not thinking anything really jake..i tried to smile

Oh come on bell, you know that you still suck at lying?

Am I going to tell him what im thinking. i think I should

Well Bell?

Im just thinking..mmm…..jake,

What bell??get to the point..PLEASE.!

Ok,jake you get sick a lot you know

Yea, I know It sick of it.but don’t worry bell I’ll recover soon

You’ll recover soon?!that what you told me last year jake

What do you want me to do bell,you think I want to be sick?! I don’t bell

Jake, I lost Charlie and renee 10 year back. and I’m still not over it, but I cannot bear to lose you are my son,my brother and my best friend jake.i don’t want to lose you.i love you jake.and think about nessie ,taylor and max.

I think about them every time bell…so what do you want me to do?

I want you to become a vampire

A vampire?!no bell,im a warewolf ,how could a warewolf be a vampire.its not going to work

Well you don’t know that jake ,we could ask Carlisle ..

Chapter 2
Jacob P.O.V

Is Bella crazy…a warewolf become a vampire oh come on! It’s not going to work. I’ll die during the transformation..

Jake what are you thinking? Nessie asked me

No nothing ness..i …

Crap.i feels sick.what happen to me.crap carp

Jake are you ok?

I feel kind of sick,ness

Oh Jake you look sick, your body is not that hot. what happen Jake? Jake are you alright?

What happen to me body is not that hot, I felt so jadded.i could feel the cold skin of nessie.crap what happen to me..?


Im fine ness,im fine,don’t worry im okay.

I lay in my bed with nessie in my arm.I could see that see is worried. I don’t want to make her worry, I don’t want to make her sad. I kiss her forehead and keep telling her that I’m fine

The next morning when I wake up nessie was still sleeping in my arm. my body is still warm, the temperature of human body. it felt weird. few minutes latter nessie wake up,she still worried about me so we decide to go to Carlisle.

Carlilse doesn’t say much. because he is not a werewolf doctor.
Well if I count my age in human age hell im old. I don’t like this I don’t like to be sick.nessie is so damn worried about me she doesn’t smile from last night and I could see in her eyes, its like she is forcing herself not to drop a tears. I don’t like it.i don’t like seeing her like this. maybe bella is right just maybe. maybe I need to talk to her.

Bella come to the cullen house with Edward.i don’t want to think abut what bella told me yesterday because Edward is here. Edward ,Nessie and Alice are going to Seattle again today so ill talk to Bella when they are gone.


Yea Jake

I think you are right bout the think you told me yesterday. I mean hold my hand

Omg Jake are you alright? you are warm?!

I just feel a little sick

Lets go to Carlisle. lets ask him

I already did

And what did he said?

He didn’t say that much

So you want to become a vampire?

I don’t really know bell but Nessie is upset and worried and she don’t even smile and laugh. I mean when is the last time you saw her laugh or smile?

Yea she’s been sad all the time, okay lets ask what Carlisle think about it

We went inside Carlisle office.

Carlisle can I ask you something..? Bella asked

What can I help you Bella, Jacob?

What happen to Jacob?

Bella, Jacob is still human, he could become sick and in human age Jacob is old..

Jake fall sick a lot, he got weaker each day and he’s body is warm. someday he’ll die right?

Carlisle struggled to find a word. Well Bella everyone should die..

Can a werewolf become a vampire?can werewolf take the vampire venom?

I don’t know bell. I’ll think about it and ill tell you latter, can I talk to Jacob for awhile Bella?

Yea,sure.jake I’ll wait downstair..thank you Carlisle

No problem bell

Jake ..what brought this on? Do you want to become a vampire..?? Carlisle asked me

I don’t know Carlisle, but Nessie is upset all the time and I don’t want to see her like that

Did you speak to Nessie about this?

No not yet

And how could Bella know about this?

Well its mostly her idea

Her idea? Carlisle asked in a curious tone

Yea, she was worried about me yesterday, Carlisle do you think I’ll survive?

I don’t know Jake its very obscure, but I’ll think about it

Thank you Carlisle

No problem Jake.

Edward came home and Carlisle called him. they were talking for few a hour in Carlisle office then they called me and Bella.

Jake I think its going to work.i think you going to survive.. Carlisle said

But do you want this Jacob? Edward ask

I don’t know Edward I love nessie, and nessie is always upset and worried and I cant lose her. I love her Edward

Yea I know she’s been really sad , but its still your decision , do you want to destroy your soul jake , do you want to be a vampire Jake?

I’ll talk to nessie and I’ll tell you latter

Chapter 3
Jake P.O.V

Ness.. I muttered

Yea Jake

Why are you sad?

No. no im okay

Don’t lie to me ness..

Jake how could I be not sad. you are sick Jake. very sick, how could I be not sad.

Sorry .. I said feeling so hopeless

You don’t need to apologize Jake

Ness I’ve been

Just said jake..its okay..

I want to be a vampire

Vampire ?! you want to be a vampire jake?what do you mean?

Ness I cant see you like this all the time,you’re never been getting older, weaker and im going to die someday. I cant lose you ness.i love you.

I love you too jake ..but do you want this? do you really want this?

I love you ness ,I will always want you.forever,so if this is the only way then yea I’ll do it.

I love you Jacob black..nessie told me then tears start rolling down over her eyes

Bell,I’ve made my decision, I will become a vampire

You sure jake

Yea…I thought you want me to be..what wrong bell
Its seems like im taking yor soul Jake .im soory jake to give you that idea.i should have just been shut up that time..

It’s not you bell,im the one with the decision

So when do you want it?

Lets make it tonight

You sure

Yea ill be back tonight I need to see nessie..see you tonight

Ness…bella and Edward going to change me tonight. I tried to smile
Nessie didn’t say anything she just kiss me like she afraid that im not going to survive.

I went to Taylor and Max room’s talk to them for awhile explaining what going to happen. they seem sad, so I hug them so tight , im afraid to lose them. I don’t even seen them imprint. I Don’t want to die. Im so nervous im worried how if im not going to be able to survive how if I die. I cant lose nessie, I cant lose Taylor and Max. I cant lose my best friend Bella. I love my family.

Nessie and me reached Bella’s and Edward’s house. the house where nessie used to live in when she is small. the house that the Cullen give to Bella and Edward as a present and the house that im going to be turned in to a vampire. do I want this? I don’t want to be a vampire, but I want Renesmee Carlie Cullen. I cant lose her I need to see her smile the smile I used to see before I get sick. I want to see her like that my nessie my one and only nessie.

I decided that im ready.Im ready to be turned to a vampire Im ready to take the pain that im going to suffer im ready for all that.

I lay in Bella’s and Edward big bed.Nessie sat beside me. Bella is talking with Edward.
And I know she still feel guilty I could she from her face.

Jake I cant change you..sorry jake Bella said to me

Its ok bella Edward can do right? I tried to smile

Yea I could are you ready Jake. Edward ask

Yea,sure sure I said a little nervous

Right now


I could fell his could lips in my neck,I could fell is fang then suddenly I feel something is buning inside me.its so hot it was the same pain I endure when I first become a warewolf
But this one is more paining the venom is excruciating, its like a thousand knife jab you at once, its hurting and some part of me wish to die .

Chapter 4
Jacob P.O.V

Die .I just wish I could die .this pain is bewildering. I was bewildering. How could this kind of pain ever exist? its was intense , violent. Its like you were hit by a train , strike by a lightning , trampled by a thousand bulls, jab by a thousand knife and submerged in acid all at the same time. I couldn’t understand what pain is it.i tried to open my eyes but its like I was sucked into the was all black.reality wasn’t like this.where am I .?
Am I dead. But dead is not this, hurting. Dead Is easy life is harder that’s what everybody say. What pain is it.i never been to this kind of pain. This is torture. Who did this. I couldn’t understand anything. I tried to think what happen to me before I get this pain but as I tried to think harder I was sucked down, under and under deeper and deeper to the blackness.
i gave up I let the blackness ruled me. And as time goes by this blackness kind of give me relax. The pain starts reducing.
How long have I’ve been asleep it’s seems so long.
I could remember something. Someone
I could remember someone smile. Someone very beautiful with long bronze curly hair and big brown eyes.
My Nessie.
where is she?i miss her , I want to hold her, hug her and kiss her . where is she?
The pain start coming again but now it’s not in my hole’s in my’s hurting its like a hot iron knife is piercing in your throat.
Nessie.think about nessie .think about those beautiful smile, im going to see it soon
Think bout Nessie , forget the pain , forget the sorrow.
think about nessie

I tried to open my eyes, I tried to speak. But I couldn’t find my eyes and my mouth.where is my eyes where is my mouth.

Whose sound is that , whose voice was it. It’s so sweet. Very sweet.
And I heard that voices that sound thousand times calling my name. who is she?

Jake? Can you hear me? Jake?
Whose voice is it? nessie,that my nessie voice’s my sweet sweet beautiful Renesmee

Ness?? Finally I found my voice

Jake, I’m here, Jake can you here me?

I tried to open my eyes.i saw her
Her beautiful eyes, her beautiful bronze curly hair.i saw her beautiful smile the smile I’ve been waiting .
The sorrow the pain had gone I tried to sit an I kiss her I hug her so tight.i saw her smile.the smile that could erase my my sorrow .my nessie is smiling again my one and only Renesmee Carlie Cullen - Black.

Suddenly the pain that I endure comes again the hot iron knife is in my throat stretching again.

Jake are you okay?
My throat, my throat Renesmee smell so sweet.
Now I know what pain is thirsty I should go away from her she’ll die .Im a new born where is Edward and Bella. They should help me.

Nessie you should stay away from him for awhile .. bella said

Bell? ed? I tried to say

Yea jake..

Can you please get nessie away.i could kill her.

Yea jake..lets hunt , it hink you are thristy

Chapter 5
Jake P.O.V

The pain is hurting
I cant believe I’m a vampire .I fell strong .i didn’t feel sick, my body is warm. That weird
Shouldn’t I be cold, cold as ice? But even thought my body’s warm I couldn’t feel cold or hot.

Ok Jake stop.. Bella told me

Now close your eyes .tell me what can you hear

I can hear the ruffles of the leaves, the small insect moving under the ground


Something is moving up there..

What is that something? Can you smell it??

Ahh, I hate this pain, the pain in my throat. then my body run to that animal. it seems like that my body is moving without my brain controlling it. My teeth, well I guessed it’s a fang now, sucking the blood of the mountain lion.

After I finished drinking the blood of 2 mountain lion .Bella, Edward and me went to the Cullen’s house. I caught my reflection in the river. I’m different .I’m a little pall but not as much as Edward or Bella or Nessie or any of the Cullen. My eyes were still brown .my body temperature is warm. what wrong with me?

Edward? I called him while we were running toward the Cullen house

Yea what’s up Jake?

Why am I warm? and im not that pale like still the same except my dead heartbeat.

Yea I know and you’re eyes, that why we are going to Carlisle

What happen to me?
I’m not going to lose my nessie again. I cant lose her. I love her. and I know my love for her is strong because I didn’t suck her blood that time like I did to that mountain lion.
I don’t want to lose her .why am I different?.. I’m dead but why am I warm.

Hay Jake
Hay Alice
I still can’t see your future. This suck how can this be…Weird. and your eyes!!!!!!Omg Jake you still got your eyes. your brown eyes…

That why I need to get to Carlisle now Alice…I’ll see you latter

Your eyes are brown, you are warm, you got fan, you drink blood , you don’t have heartbeat and you are not that pale.. Carlisle told me

I fell strong.. I added

Bella , can you take some human food for Jake Carlisle told Bella

Yea be back in a sec

Now you eat this Jake

pizza. one of my favorite food

This is suck.eww..i prefer that mountain lion..

He cant eat human food…Carlisle told Edward

Jake lets get downstairs…edward told me

What up ed?

Nessie , you cant be with jake anymore

What ? I shout he cant do this .i become a vampire just for her ,

No dad. I love jake and im an adult now it my life not yours

Im mad so mad at what Edward told nessie .she is mine.Then something trembeling inside me.something familiar, something I’ve been through for a thousand could this happen to a vampire,this couldn’t be happening . and why is Edward smilling .this is weird why is he smilling.

After a few second latter im cover with fur . A fur!!. IAM A WOLF !!what am I a vampwolf ,Edward is smilling ,so he was just joking thnx god !but how could this happen im a wolf so im a like taylor and max.
Edward threw a t-shirt and throuser .
I ran to the forest and calm my self like I used to when I want to change to my human form.after im in a human form or vampire I walk to the cullen house

I met Carlisle in front of the house then he said..
It’s okay jake nothing is wrong with you .you are a vampire but you still can change to your wolf form some part of you can handle your thrist especially with nessie because nessie is your imprint.but still you are new born you shouldn’t get to thrsty or you know what going to happen..

Thank you Carlisle..thank you

Hen I run to nessie I kiss her and hug her so tight then I whispered in her ear..
I love you renesmee carlie culle I love you forever

I love you jake black

Then we run to our house


im sorry for the grammar mistake os spelling..or maybe the story about jake turning to vampire
i really hope u guys like it...

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Besides the grammer and the spelling, I really liked it! :D It sounds like something that might be posible in the Twilight world. =D Ya know what I do with these things? I write it on Word first, and then copy it and put it down here. That might help, and it's pretty easy. =)
I like it can be something different, something to thinks about. I read something here and there of people may think what will happened with Stephanie Meyer may write about.good think
Omg, I'm crying! Have u ever thought of a career in writing?
thank you so much..
its my first time writting a fan fic..
so sorry if there's a mistake
carrer in btw , but well im going to study harder in my english subject so there wont be a mistake

Hi. This was quite an interesting story to read. Wierd that Jacob could still transform to wolf form but AWSOME! It was very good. And now he can be with Renesmee & his whole family forever. Great job! =)
it was really really good. Are you going to write anymore? You should really take it into consideration, this story is amazing!!!!! ahh
tht was pretty good (not the spelling) i just wish tht wearwolfs could just live 4ever then he wouldent have to become a vampire. =]
thank you..
yea i also love jake as warewolve thts why i 1made it vampire and warewolves..
thats great! its different.i love that he can be with renesme 4 eva now
He will always be able to be with Renesme forever as long as he doesn't give up his spirit wolf remember he stops aging when changes but if gives up his spirit wolf he ages.


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