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Edward is constantly abusing Bella and one day Jacob catches him in the attack what happens to them.but why does bella go back to he mean cheating abusive boyfriend 


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Why is Edward abusing Bella?

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 Jacob phases and attacks Edward just enough to injure him a bit


Wait, you mean like Edward physically abusing Bella? Or mentally?

Either way, I'm sure Jacob would've killed Edward.
would love updates!! 4 this


"edward please stop your hurting me bella" exclaimed softly."shut up then what have i told you coming home late for school"


please im sorrry with one finally him bella had passed out.she woke up early that morning to clean her self up for school . she have to lie about the brusise on her face and arms.she thought to her self many a nights, how did i end up with him? why couldn't i have said told jake ,my jake my best friend i loved him he was my life and now im lifeless.

(flasshback 4 months ago)

 " Ahhhhhhhhhh jake thats grosses get it away from me" i scream as jake tried to get me to touch the frog he caught."ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww get away for me" i squealed. "fine cry baby" jake put the frog down and washing his hands in the tide."bella's can i ask you somethin:" he said seriously " we know each other for along time and i wanted to know if uyou would like to go out with me " he ask seriesly blushing. jake i.... i.....i can't i dont want to mess up our relatesonship i care to much. 


(flashback end) 

i was lucky because edward was  hunting to im running to jake for the rest of the weekend . Charlie can i spend the weekend at jakes please. i called down stairs he said yes quickly because he didnt want me to be with edward because he saw how unhappy i was with him.i packed my bags and i was off. i turn on my rusted old truck charlie gave me as a welcome home gifted. but it didn't start so i tryed again didint start so i when to go look in the hood and i founded a note:


bella i know what you were trying to do alice seen you diappear and that means you went to the dogs house. when i get home were going to have a "chat" about your escape atempteted



my hearted stopped when i read thats note i had to get out and get out now i ran i the house"dad my trucks not working can i call and see if hell pick me up? " yea baby he said watching the game and not paying attention to the panic in my voice. as i dailed the number i heared a knock at the door. " i got it " i shouted kind of scaredthe onbe person or vampire was at the door 





Its good write more please

whoa. This is interesting,so far (:

thx guys if u want to keep updated add me


oooooooooh umm edward hi sweet how are u i asked he did not look amused at all i was in alot of trouble. "hay charlie i changed my mind im going to edward. he nodded his head in approval as we walk he wrapped his hand around my wasit and the he squeezed me hard i tryed not to wince as he did "why were you going to go she that dog isabella" i was just going to hang with him" i said innoconectly he squezzed hard."no you trying to leave me alice said when you were up in your room you said aloud im done with edward he said. he put me i the car forcefully i prayed and prayed that his family would be home ever time he tryed to beat while emmet was home emmet would threthen to rip his head off




uhm,just saying: it would be kinda useful if you used quotation marks (") when someone is,it's just easier,and makes it look more organized :D


but,i like this so's different.


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