The Twilight Saga

Edward is constantly abusing Bella and one day Jacob catches him in the attack what happens to them.but why does bella go back to he mean cheating abusive boyfriend 


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wow ~wonder how the rest of the pack would think of this~

         because of the fact that vampires are like the natural enemy

                 to the wolf.



after carisle made me and jake stay stay for to days we had to got home.

emily's place

whe we got there we heard every body laughing and thing i kknow there are five gaint wovle in the front yard jake puts me behind his back and got ready to attack. then the biggest blackest wolf jumped at me and jake the the next biggest one ran me in to the house.thats when i seen jakes wolf was a new colors .its was his old color and fire red. "EMILY thats jake, get them toTELL THEM stop THEY'LLkill him." i screamed tears pouring hard down my face."bella this is what jake get for trying to steal his brothers imprint and he is not one of us anymore"she said cold heartedly.thats when i heard a painful whined now it was a run for our love and life.i sprinted at top speed out side and seen jake slowly backing away he new he could not take the all.


why guys why -me

 because you knew i imprinted on bella but you didnt want to tell her because you wanted her-paul

you know that has a punishment of death you know that right-sam

beside your a hybid in the leaugue you bring us nothing but pain and sorrow-quil

now were being nice you have a 1 minute to run before we come after you- sam

RUN -everybody

thats when i seen bella out my eye like they siad a minute. with that i ran to bella.  


bella jumped on my back i still had 30 secong with that i was gone in the woods it was a race for our love and life.



                                                  THE END........................ FOR NOW



yes u shood and maybe u shood call it race for love
please make a sequel it's already soooo interesting


Yeh,make a sequel :D

There's so much more that could happeen. ;)


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