The Twilight Saga

I see you standing over there.
Standing there.
I notice a wondering look on your face.
Your wondering weather to choose me or your friends.
Do you choose them because of who they are?
Lies they have told?
Things they have stolen?
Drugs they have taken?
Or do you choose me because you want to know me?
Is it my look?
My certain smell?
My special taste?
My secret smile?
The way I hide behind my hair?
Or your passion of love towards me?
And now here I am wondering what or whom you choose.
But please tell me because I am miserable.
Miserably trying to figure out your answer.
Because I am not sure if you will tell me.

I know this was the wrong place to put it but no one saw it.

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~cute~ :]
Is it good or bad? Be truthful please?


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