The Twilight Saga

im more of a team JB than of a TL

   but i luv both


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The Indian in me says Jacob. :)
Im Native American Soo I LOVE Jacob <3 buuut i also LOVE Taylor <3 soooo i have no idea buut i think i would go for Taylor because he hasnt imprinted yet lol and i would still have a smigde of a chance <3<3<3 I <3 Taylor Daniel Lautner <3<3<3

jacob is my dog<3<3<3<3

I personally like Taylor and Jacob. Jacob is not only hot but has this mean streak that I love. On the other hand Taylor is such a cutie pie!!!! I mean didn't you think Taylor was so adorable in Shark Boy and Lava Girl and I know you had to have been in love with him in Valentines Day.... Taylor/Jacob totally rule and I love him!!!!!
both of them r da same 4 me!
 i love them bothhhhhhhhhhhh mwahhhhhhhh!!!!


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