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Okay people I have a question to ask you. You know in one of the Twilight books Jacob tells Bella that when you imprint on someone it's because you have a better chance of making a "puppy". You know what I mean, right? But then why did he imprint on Renesmee if she's a half-human, half-vampire? I don't think she can have a puppy, you know, her being half-vampire and all. I think she's sterile, part vamp.


I also think  that Jacob should of ended up with Leah. I mean, I could feel the connection they were having in the beginning but then -- nothing. Everyone had their happily ever after . . . except her. What happened to her fairytale?

I got off topic there, didn't I? Well, I'd appreciate your feedback :)

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I thought it was kind of odd that Jacob imprinted on Nessie. I mean, yes, she's the daughter of Bella, but she's also the daughter of Edward. I mean, Jacob pretty much hated Edward for like, 95% if the saga- why Nessie?? I mean, yeah it's cute and whatever, but I just thought it was weird when Jacob TOTALLY could have been with Leah.

That's just me though.
Yup, I agree with you Sarah.
i think,Renesmee n Jacob were always supposed to b together cause Jake was part of d family in a funny way but since he imprinted on Ness it became more was meant to b cause they r both half human n have a fast growth spurt.anyway,Leah did get her happy ending by joining Jacob's pack n she even befriended him-i didnt expect that at all!
well ya the baby would come out weird lol
yes i don't get it. Renesmee is half vampire half human. she cant be a healthy werewolf.
when the famales are turned vampire it doesn't make them sterile they just cant have a baby because there bodies cant change to hold them but because she's part human her body can still grow
i think if ness and jacob wer to hav a kid it cud b a wolf cuz jacob wud contribute that and ness wud contribute vampire. and they wud bioth contribute human. so the baby cud tecnaivally b watever it wanted to b
Honestly I think it's kinda strange to end up imprinting on your crushes daughter. Why would anyone want to fall in love with the child of their crush. Would you end up loving your crushes daughter/ son?
At first I thought itwas weird Jacob imprinting on Nessie but it all made sence he was drawn to Bella always but never imprinted he cared for her and got hurt constantly and that pull keept him close to her it was destiny it was the way for him to find his true love. Jake had explained to Bella at some point that when they Imprint they become whatever the imprinted person needs you would do anything for her... You become whatever she needs you to be, whether that’s a protector, or a lover, or a friend, or a brother. So you know that the moment she imprints on Nessie he isnt thinking no sick stuff just that she is the one. She's the most important thing to you and your devoted completely to her. Theres nothing gross with Love no matter the age Im sure he didnt see her that way when he imprinted. (and its a book a great book) Jacob deserves his happiness. I dont agree with him and Leah I think it would have been dispointing. I never saw her as a possibility.

Like many other had mentioned before Nessie grows and changes so therefore able to have puppies. I believe they would be the strongest wolves beacause they would be half wolves and 1/4 vampire so therefore have all the strengths withought the weekneses of a vampire the thirst or atleast to a bare minimum beacause of the human stain.

sorry I know I wrote alot just my opinion
i think that because she still can grow up until 7 years she can have a baby in those 7 years
I will start with Leah and Jacob, I also had a feeling that they were going to go there. I think that they would have made a great pair. They both understand what it feels like to NOT be picked and to be rebuilding a broken heart. So I think that they would have been great together, they both have enough spunk to put up with each others crap, hehe.

From SM's website
What happened to Leah?
-- Leah is currently pretty satisfied with life. She's free from Sam's pack, which is a very happy thing for her. She's the "beta" in Jacob's pack, which she can't help but be a little smug about around her pack brothers (its kind of a big deal in wolf terms). Jacob has become the reliable friend that she's been needing for quite some time, and he's a real comfort to her, though they conceal their fondness for each other with constant bickering. She has absolutely no romantic interest in Jacob, and the whole Nessie thing only bothers her in that it ties her to the vampires.

As for Renesmee and Jacob. I must admit that does seem to be a strange imprint with her being half vampire. However I think that Seth is a great example that werewolves and vampires CAN get along if they choose to do so. Even Jacob starts to develop a soft spot for the Cullens during Bella's pregnancy. So I do not have that big of a problem with her being half vampire, especially sense she does not have venom so she is not a danger to society in any way.

As for any genetic possibilities I say that they are possible. Rensemee does NOT freeze once she is fully developed, but continues to still have a heart beat and I would assume working organs. So I see no reason for her fertility to stop. Nahuel says that he has not "noticed" any changes, but that does not mean that chance is not possible. And I think that gives the wiggle room needed for her to be able to have children even after she has stopped aging.

And if you look at the genetic possibilities between Renesmee and Jacob, I think that would make some kick butt wolves. You take Renesmee's impenetrable skin and the wolves strength and I think they would be indestructible.


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