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Okay people I have a question to ask you. You know in one of the Twilight books Jacob tells Bella that when you imprint on someone it's because you have a better chance of making a "puppy". You know what I mean, right? But then why did he imprint on Renesmee if she's a half-human, half-vampire? I don't think she can have a puppy, you know, her being half-vampire and all. I think she's sterile, part vamp.


I also think  that Jacob should of ended up with Leah. I mean, I could feel the connection they were having in the beginning but then -- nothing. Everyone had their happily ever after . . . except her. What happened to her fairytale?

I got off topic there, didn't I? Well, I'd appreciate your feedback :)

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She did actually end up happy because she ended up belonging and besides she told jaocb that she was a genetical dead end
That's my point. Jacob is a werewolf which is why he imprints...but on Renesmee? She can't make a strong healthy werewolf when she's half-vampire.
True, but that doesn't mean Jacob/Leah couldn't work out :)
i would have never expected it but now that it happened i think its really cool that he imprinted on nessie. imagine what kinda creature they could create if they had a kid or something. itd be a shapeshifting superhuman type thing! maybe it could turn into anything. maybe it would be the strongest thing there ever were. i dont think of it as a bad thing. i think its super awesome!
it would be super awesome.
Yeah, they could soooo take down the Volturi with that thing!
because leah is still attached too sam that is why her and jacob didn't imprint.
She could still have a baby she is growing and the only reason Rosalie can't have a baby is because everdayshe is the same she can't grow, Renesmee, however grows so she could have a child. And yes i do agree I wanted Leah to get a hapilt ever after I am prety sure that they would have eventualy grown to love eachother, because they seemed to have a connection.
But Renesmee is growing really fast and if they want to have "puppies" their going to have to be together when she's like 5 years old. Renesmee won't look like a five year old, of course, she'll look like a full grown teenager. And besides, I know Edward won't like that idea at all.
u have a good point there. yes jacob and leah did have quite a connection i think in breaking dawn . maybe jacob imprinted on renesmee because he loved bella. and nessie was the closest thing to sumthing like bella that he could find? im not sure though. i feel sorry for leah - she has all that pain in her losing sam and all. . . . ?
Maybe, but I thought imprinting wasn't about love. You couldn't control imprinting it just happened. Like Sam, I'm pretty sure if he had a choice he wouldn't of willingly imprint on Emily. He knew how much that would hurt Leah.
when i was reading i sorta got the idea that jacob probably never knew it, but one of the only reasons he liked bella so much was because of renesme was potentially made in her. (i dont know how to say it, it sounds wierd to me). and Maybe, alice couldnt see nessie because her destiny was intertwined with jacob for her being imprinted on by jacob. and about lea...she loved sam, but you know the rest, and i dont think she could probably love somebody else, and she was really happy not to be around him anymore because it hurt her most of the time.


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