The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1 - Birthday

I was celebrating my 14 birthday. The day I would stop growing and stop getting older. Mum had explained this to me about 8 times now but I still don't get why i have to stop aging at 14. Jake was 16 and he will be like that for a while but as soon as he stops turning into a wolf he will start aging again. He will keep getting older and i will stay young. I don't know how i will handle it, but I'm not going to think about till the time comes. Alice had made me a cake, even though i don't really eat human food, but it looked good. "Happy Birthday" Jacob yelled as he ran through the door. He came up to me kissed my forehead then shoved a box at me. It was a tiny box, probably no bigger than 5x5. It was wrapped up in a pretty electric blue colour with silver stars on it. "Awww thanks Jake, you know you didn't have to" "I know, but i wanted to" he smiled at me. I opened it quickly, inside was a little silver bracelet with a wood charm on it, the charm was a wolf. Mum smiled. "Couldn't you come up with another idea?" Mum said laughing. "But it is different" Jake said grabbing the bracelet and showing it to Mum. "Oh, sorry Jake, I didn't see it properly. It's beautiful" "So when do i get to look at it?" I said angrily. "Sorry, here you go" Jake passed it to me. "Wow" Is all i could manage to spit out. There was a wolf, but there was also a person standing next to it, it looked like they were looking into each others eyes. I finally clicked, it was meant to be me and Jacob. "Oh my god Jake, how...but...oh my god....It's...Thanks" I finally spluttered out. The evening continued, i got more gifts, tried a bit of cake- It was good for human food- and pretended that Emmett's jokes were funny- being a very old vampire you thought that he would come up with better jokes,but, no- Jake left early because he had a meeting with the pack. At 11:00pm i started getting tired so me and mum ran back to our little cottage while dad stayed behind to keep partying with his brothers. "Happy birthday hunny, i hope you enjoyed it" she kissed me on the check. "Yeah i did, it was fun, and i love the gift Jake gave to me" An idea face came on mum as she dashed to her room and back to me in the lounge. "Here, look at this" She showed me her charm bracelet, the one she got ages ago from Jake. "Wow, ti's gorgeous" "I know. The wolf represents my love for Jake and the heart my love for Edward." I smiled. I liked seeing mum like this all happy and warm. "Now off to bed Nessie, you had a busy day" I yawned. "Yeah, night mum" I slipped into my room, got changed, then got into bed and fell into unconsciousness.

Chapter 2 - News

I woke up crying. I had a dream, well not really a dream more like a nightmare. It was about Jake aging but me staying young and i could do nothing to help it he aged right in front of my to an old man, and i stood there frozen in place. After i got my self back together i went out into the lounge. Mum and dad were sitting on the couch reading a letter. They looked shocked. "Mum, dad, whats wrong?" I was started to get worried, the letter looked really important and formal-kind of like the ones you get from the royal kind- "Well.." Dad answered "You know how there was that discussion about you with the Volturi when you were born?" "Yes" i replied in a rush, i wanted to know what was happening "They want to come and visit you again, to see how your progressing, since you to our kind." "WHAT!" i yelled. i didn't want to see them, not after what happened last time. "It's okay Nessie. It will only be a talk. Not as big as last time. Only Aro, Caius, Marcus, Felix, Demetri, Jane and Alec are coming." Mum tried to calm me down by making sound like a little get together with some mates-Huh wouldn't that be better- "So when are they coming then?" I took a breath trying to prepare myself in case they said something stupid, like they were coming in a hour. "Wednesday" Dad sighed. "Oh my god that's only two days away!" "Yes we actually got this letter two weeks ago, we just didn't want to tell you" Mum said sounding embarrassed. "Well it would have been better if you told me then!" Alice came skipping in the door just then interrupting me. "Hi guys. I heard yelling so i just came to check Nessie hadn't won in monopoly and you guys were ganging up on her" Alice said laughing. "You know i hate monopoly" i moaned at her. "yes i do, anyway, what i came here for is that Carlisle wanted to see you. He needs to talk to you." "By you, you mean....?" Dad said "You know Edward, It's not like you can't read minds! You all need to come. So i advice you Nessie to get changed out of you Winnie the Pooh pj's and get changed into something less 2 year oldish." Alice was trying to be funny again. "Yes mother." I moaned at her as i walked off in to my room and got changed in to my favourite jeans and my Elmo t-shirt just to tick Alice off. I laughed to myself. "oh yea. I could defiantly be a evil genius" I was talking to myself again. "Or i could be a crazy person?" I walked back out to the lounge, where everyone was waiting for me. "Come on slow poke" Alice said eying up my t-shirt. "Beat you there" i yelled already running. But of course dad bet me there.

Chapter 3 - Ready or Not

After Carlisle explain to us about what he thinks could happen, because Alice said that they keep changing their minds she doesn't really know what the are going to do, we got prepared for the worst. After the meeting i went to go see Jake. I didn't tell him what was happening, i didn't want to get him worried. We didn't do much, just worked on his car because it broke down while he was racing his friend. I laughed so much at that. "Why is it so funny?" Jake said getting annoyed. "Because i could so imagine your face when it went boom. You would of looked like this" I pulled a scared/surprised face. "Renesme Carlie Cullen" he sounded angry like he was going to tell me off- Uh Oh- "You are very bad at pulling faces" Or maybe he wasn't "And you are a bad dog" I laughed even more, I should really stop drinking mountain lion's blood it makes me go weird. "Oh, I have never heard that one before" Jake said sarcastically. Suddenly there was a howling. "Argh. The guys are really bugging me. We are always having meetings and stuff. They think there might be another pack of wolves around somewhere near here. I have to go. See you later?" Jake go up kissed the top of my head and then ran off. "Yeah. Bye Jake, See you later" I got up and left. Looks like i have nothing else to do, better go home.
The next day went really slowly. We were getting ready for the Volturi coming. It was "Don't be scared, they only want to talk" and "It's just to see that your doing okay." I went to my special spot in the forest. It was a tree that looked really funny-Kind of a special tree, like me- It was the best spot to sit in. So i sat up there for 4 hours thinking. I got home at 9:00pm and went straight to bed and tried to get to sleep.

Chapter 4 - Here I Come

Mum woke me up and said we needed to be at the clearing by 9:00am. I rolled over and said "What time is it" "8:30" Argh. We went to the clearing and waited. Then something in the bush rustled and out they came. They lined up and introduced themselves. There was Aro, Caius, Marcus, Demetri, Felix, Jane and Alec, all the people that said were coming. I don't remember them much from the fight last time. Alec caught my eye. I hadn't noticed but he is actually quite cute. Dad looked at me kind of shocked and surprise. I went red. I was watching- or more like staring- at Alec when he looked at me. Wow he was almost as beautiful as Jacob. I quickly looked away. Aro started to speak about why they were here and if we could go back to our house to talk. Of course Mum and dad agreed to. I gulped as I looked at Alec and he looked back at me. I think i actually like him. Oh no!

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sorry it's my first go and i was writing whatever came to my head. i had to stop writing because i needed to take the dog for a walk. LoL. Any advice? Should i continue??
i like it. u should continue.
aw. thank you. I will when i have time next. got any advice? Want anything to happen?
i totally agree.
omg this gr9!!! pls write more.
u could make jacob and her get engaged!!!
Wow. That's exactly what book 5 should be! Please continue!!
Oh, you should like make them get engaged & have to run away together because the pack & vampires dont want them to be married.
wow. thats pretty awesome...good job! I think you should definetley keep going
Well i was thinking Jake needs some competition and i have a good idea to of who it could. What do you think about that. I haven't started writing that part yet. I will tomorrow when i have got more time. =]. Thanks for all the comments =D
I just wrote more then. LoL. What do you guys think now?
Loveee it update mhey when yhu continue please.!


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