The Twilight Saga

Alice's POV 
It Had Been Now 7 Years Since My Dear Niece Nessie Was Born And Two Years Ago My Beloved Jasper Had Left He Couldn't Take The Constant Bloodflow Of Humans And Werewolves Around Him (Which Was Constant At Our House Since Nessie And Jacob Were There With The Wolves Their Parents And Bella's Dad Charlie) He Finally Snapped Saying "Alice I Can't Take It I'm Sorry," As He Gave Me A Quick Kiss On My Lips Vanishing Without A Word We Haven't Heard From Him Since Except Me He Sent Me One Text Message Saying "Dear Alice I'm Super Sorry Please Don't Send Me Anything Again I Can't Take It. Since Then I've Been A Complete Wreck I Never Wanted To Go Shopping Anymore (Which Was A Big Shocker) With My Dear Neice, I Never Paid Attention To Visions, I Even Forgot To Plan A Birthday Party For Renesmee Until Edward Reminded Me. That Day Was A Shocker I Planned For That Party Just In Time For It To Be Perfect But The Biggest Shock Off The Day Was When That Mutt Named Jacob Proposed To Her So I Got Planning Right Away On Their Wedding Acturally I'm Planning Right Now I've Closed Myself Off In My Room Planning Planning Planning Waiting For Somebody To Catch My Interest And Perk Up My Day But Sadly Nobody Has Fit The Bill Around Here. Suddenly I Smelt About 4 Of The Wolves Drifting In From My Vent (I Even Stayed Away From Seth Who If I Picked Had To Pick To Be My Friend Because He Was So Accepting And He Was Always Aceptionaly Nice To Me) "JACOB PLEASE GET OUT WITH YOUR DOG'S!" Suddenly I Heard Nessie Crying In Front Off My Door I Quickly Got Up And Ran To The Door Flinging It Open Saying "I'm Sorry Nessie," But She Was Already At The End Of The Hall In Jacob's Arms. I Saw That There Was A Package I Guess Nessie Was Bringing It To Me When I Saw Jacob's Menacing Stare From Over Nessie Looking Down At The Package The Up To Me Then He Quickly Pulled Nessie Away From The Corner And Out Of The Door I Waited Until I Heard The Door Slam To Pick Up The Package Then Run Back Into My Room And Sitting Back On My Bed. I Looked At The Package Still In My Hands I Quickly Put Up My Planner To Where Jacob Couldn't Reach (Believe Me That Was Hard Since He Was Like Two Heads Taller Then Me And A Way  Longer Reach) And Sat Back Down On The Bed And Opened The Package Seeing It Was A Beautiful Blue Top With A Matching Scarf. Of Course Nessie Knew I Looked And Liked Good In Blue She Was Trying So Hard To Cheer Me Up. I Smiled Knowing Nessie Was Still Thinking About Me She Made Jacob Take Her To Town Every Week Sometimes As Far As Seatle To Pick Me Up Something That She Thought Would Cheer Me Up. I Loved Her Sometimes I Actually Wished Jasper Would Have Been Able To Imprint On Me So He Couldn't Leave Me But He Was A Vampire I'd Have To Be With A Werewolf To Get Imprinted On. Gosh This Was So Unfair To Me.

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